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Trespassing, Structure or Conveyance?
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Trespassing, Structure or Conveyance?

Ok so I recently got charged with trespassing because I was on an open grass field in Florida that just so happened to be privately owned.. Because apparently you dont need any trespassing signs in FL..

Anyways, the charge was "Trespass property other than structure or conveyance", can anyone tell me what the difference is between that and "Trespass property of structure or conveyance"?

Also, will this count as a an infraction or a misdemeanor?
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I dont get it, It was a grass field that was across the street from my friends neighborhood, and we've never heard of it being private before.


"Trespass property other than structure or conveyance" is to an open field as it is to being on Walt Kowalski's lawn.

Trespassing can be anywhere on private property. Being in a building or conveyance may carry extra penaties... car prowling, burglary, prowling, etc.

On a lawn, or open field, it is trespassing unless there is something that makes it appear to be public... lights, and a tennis court with a parks sign, as example. Most parks close (by signage) at night, and then you can still be trespassing.

Trespassing is a crime in all jurisdictions I know of, usually a misdemeanor... unless burglary, prowling, etc. applies.

Here's a suggestion: Look at the trespassing code/law in your jurisdiction. It should be listed on the citation the cop gave you. Go online, library, etc. and look up the written version. Within the written law there will be a definition of what constitutes trespassing as well as what defenses are available to you. A general defense to trespass on vacant property is that it appeared to be public property.

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