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True or false: Police officers can't arrest you if you insult or call them names?
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True or false: Police officers can't arrest you if you insult or call them names?

I don't have anything against the police, I just seem to see it happen a lot in the movies, and even in real life where a bunch of wiseguys would shout names like "Pig!" or "Bacon sandwich!" from across the street or at passing cruisers without any fear of being caught. Why doesn't the 5-0 take any action about it?


Now, that is not nice these people are in a job which means that they risk their lives to fight crime --- why are you calling them pigs and bacon sandwiches and being abusive --- they should arrest anyone for being insulting to them either in the
street or online or off...While there are varying views on the
POLICE they are a group of people who deserve the support of all members of the community --- being insulting to them is
really not nice as they deserve the same respect as everyone
else out there......................................

POLICE do have a right to deal with anyone being abusive to them in a given situation ---- A member of the POLICE force that I SPOKE to the other day told me that she is used to the
insults and that they go along with the job they do.....................

I did not like that --- you have no right to insult a POLICEMAN or women in any situation they are there for a reason and a
lot of the time when a serious crime occurs they are on the
scene to protect and serve you the members of the public......

SO yes if you are insulting to one or all of them in any situation
they should deal with you......................in the way they see fit...
but, they can arrest you for doing it --- but, it is not nice to do
that --- they have feelings ----------------------------------------...
as well.......................................

I think the word pig should be reserved for those insulting POLICEMEN AND WOMEN AND also for those members
of the public indulging in crime as well.......................................

NOT for the POLICE.....................................
As I LOVE them --- they are necessary they are there for a reason and do a lot for the public in their daily lives...that no-one gives them any acknowledgement for.................................

Calling an officer a name is not technically an offence and usually not worth the paperwork. Although keep in mind you can be held upto 72 hours without being charged and this is totally legal. So my advice is do not press your luck unless you have 3 days with nothing better to do. Also if you screamed it loud enough the officer could get you for disorderly conduct and or disturbing the peace which may or may not stick depending on the D.A. however again 3 days in jail may not be the best way to spend your time.

No, they can't nail you for a verbal insult but, "disorderly conduct and resisting arrest" can be pretty much whatever they want it to be and arrest you for that. You'll get your day in court and may get off but, not before being cuffed, hauled in, having about 5 hours of your time wasted in the jail, paying an attorney and being found innocent. It's cheaper to just keep yer mouth shut.

Blue Steel & Lace
I don't arrest for being called a name - that's covered by the 1st amendment. I figure the person doing it doesn't know me personally, all they see is the uniform.
The only person they are really insulting is themselves.

Driller Killer
If what you say can be interpreted as offensive to anyone, than I could arrest you for disorderly conduct.

I Bleed Black & Gold
sounds like it could be a form of harassment,so maybe they could.the police lay there life on the line every day for everyone,so i think there should be a law for calling them names.

Gary M
If you run across a police officer who might be having a bad day you can never tell what they might do. I think that if you are calling them names, you're looking for trouble anyway.

It is not against the law to verbally insult a cop. But the minute you get physical then it is assault.

it's protected by the first amendment...it is legal to insult them but not to threaten them...

it would be stupid to insult them anyway...especially if you're pulled over because they can give you a big fine instead of say a warning but they can't arrest you if you haven't done something else.

Anthony F
Of course it is against the law to insult a policeman on duty. Try it if you don't believe me.

u can be arrested by police if u interfere in their duty. calling names is bad manners they may ignore as u r 4 them silly

it is not a crime, now if and when they have a chance to arrest them, they will remember it.

They could arrest you for disorderly conduct, mainly to annoy you because it probably won't stick.

To answer your question, False, the police can arrest you for almost anything they say happens. Law enforcement enjoys this extraordinary power, and are almost untouchable. In the example you produce, the police cannot positively identify the culprit, so these cowards are safe from arrest, however if it's a one on one situation, you can bet your jockeys you will be cited.

arrest you for calling me a name , not going to happen . i would just shoot ya I'M JOKING , i get called names everyday , it comes with the job

They can arrest you for anything, anytime. Or worse: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6FnY6OKN3RI

it is not that simple.if the person is creating a disturbance then they can be cited for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct

Each state has different laws that give officers varying degrees of latitude. Most states do not allow officers to arrest for a single derogatory statement made to them. However, if the verbal barrage continues as an ongoing course of conduct or disrupts a public place, the person could be arrested and charged with harassment and/or disorderly conduct.

In the USA, they seem to be more tolerant of verbal abuse, (off Cops on TV) but in the UK- you would be arrested immediately-- while in Spain-- you would definitely get a slap round the head-they wont put up with any of it- and rightly so, we may some times get disillusioned by some police-- but we need them to keep law and order.

nigel v
you can be arrested at any time for anything. They can make any excuse they like. Thats why it is best to just answer questions respectfully and go about your day.

It is not against the law to insult a police officer in the US. That is one of the rights that other people have bought for us. However, insulting an officer will usually cause him to take a good look at you and that might not work out favorably.

(Chaise) s.
True! police officers can arrest an individual if they call them names.Its called insulting and disrespecting an officer.

false. there's something called freedom of speach, which you can express an opinion or feeling

Freedom of speech. If the cops could take action for name calling, then everyone in America who gets called names could take action on everyone who called them names. We'd have to have an awful lot of courtrooms and jails!

the bad seed
in the us you can be arrested and held 72 hours
with out being charged of a crime...
so they CAN arrest you for nothing at all

patrick o
here in london they don't bother any more wtih the result that the chavs now feel that they can do whatever they want;the question i am asking is when we are going to have a free for all and disband the police because at presetn they are just getting in the way;at least then innocent people would have a chance

California Street Cop
True, we cannot arrest for name calling.

However when I fight fire with fire and I get in their face and start ripping them a new one and then they cry in front of their tough guy gangsta buddies, I know I've won that little battle.

jade j
Have you never heard of "disorderly conduct". It doesn't matter who you insult or call names. Disorerly conduct is a very vague charge and subject to the cops interpretation.

Please don't get your legal advice from movies!!! Or Y/A for that matter.

In Australia, The High Court has ruled it is not illegal to verbally abuse police, also you can make rude jesters at them even poke your tongue out at them and they cannot arrest you. But this is Oz (Australia).

I am a police officer and the city I work for has an ordnance that is an arrestable offence for using profanity or insulting a police officer. I will say it would take a lot for me to arrest someone for name calling. But once they cross the line or dont know when enough is enough then its a fair bet they will be spending a day in jail.

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