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My step son got arrested for the cops finding a "Ninja Star" in his pocket. What would the criminal charge be? How much trouble is he in?


~Sum Guy~
It could be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on your state.

Martial arts weapons are considered "lethal weapons" just like a gun. Carrying it in his pocket may also be deemed as "carrying a concealed weapon."

He obviously is not a good Ninja cause he got caught.

Key things to remember:
If he can take the pebble from my hand it will be time to leave.
Wax on, Wax off.
Show me, "Paint the fence."
With Maguai, comes much responsibility. He is not ready.

conceled weapon, slap on wrist

Mr Thicke
Mom, come on! You need an answer to this on Yahoo?

Obviously it is a charge if he was arrested for this. I guarantee you were told what he was charged with. Maybe if you payed more attention to to him and what he was charged with, this would not have happened.

The charge would be related to carrying a concealed weapon... and the amount of trouble he'll be in all depends on where you live and how old he is. Each state and even some towns have different laws on what punishment is necessary for a concealed weapon, and if the buy is a minor it might be slightly less harsh on him.

I would suggest calling up your local court house, police station or lawyer and ask them. If you tell them the exact situation and how old your step-son is they will be able to give you an accurate estimate on what the punishment will be.

well, get a lawyer to fight it. use the fact that it is a collectors item he wanted to show off to his friends, with no intention of hurting anyone.
Legally, he could get in trouble. But helphim. This will cost him too much time and money for somthing that wasnt a big deal. Cops will do anything to find a reason to arrest a teen. Its all about setting a example. This is reidiculous. A knife is more dangerous, unless ofcourse your son took 20 years in specialized martial arts and has a history of beating people up, it isnt a case. FIGHT IT> you will win.
any more help, e-mail me

Possession of a (lethal?) weapon? Idk, most likely, depending on the age and situation, he shouldn't be in THAT much trouble... it wasn't like he was carrying a gun lol

He was probably charged with carrying a concealed weapon or CCDW. If it's a deadly weapon (just about any instrument that can be used for personal defense or offense), and you have it concealed (like in your pocket), and you do not have a license to do so in your state, then it is a criminal offense. Each state is different on what constitutes a deadly weapon, so give your local sheriffs office or state police post a call and ask them for specifics. Usually, it's misdemeanor charge, unless it's combined with other factors and charges related to that particular incident.

I went to evaluation (where they basically recommend a decision to the judge) with a young boy who took a ninja star to school. I would think that if he has no previous criminal charges and had no bad intentions they will let him off easy. He could get in trouble for carrying a concealed weapon, but my bet is probation at most (unless he has been in trouble before, they might not go so easy, also may depend on age).

Jay S
thats a lethal weapon, a ninja star is meant for only one thing, attacking.

It depends:

how old is your son?
could it have been used as a weapon?
why was he carrying it in his pocket?

(it's like having a switch blade in your pocket)

It would definatly be a concealed weapons charge. Hopefully he is young enough that he can get away with just some community service.
Ninja stars can cause some serious injury and i'm not surprised the cops arrested him.

The charge is being a ninja. Now a samurai would be just fine, but a ninja... *shakes head* steep price, steep price.

Dylan B
to be completely sure, check the prohibited/illegal weapon laws for your state.

you can check here.


well if you're in possession of a ninja star, that means you're a ninja and cops won't be able to catch you, coz you're a ninja

Nathanial J
In australia, you have to be at least 16 to leglly own a blade, and 18 to carry one in public.
Not sure where you are, but i think those laws are pretty universal. But seeing as this is an all out weapon, he might get a heavier "punishment"
In short, yes, it is a crime.

A star is considered a deadly weapon. only folding knives with a blade less than 3" are legal to carry. Depends on where he was when arrested as far as charges. If school that's probably going to mean expulsion.

I know it's against California laws. It's a felony to have throwing stars, or nunchucks.. or gravity activated knives (and switchblades) [i think more than 2 inches or something..].. And seeing as it was in his pocket, it was a concealed weapon. Why did they search him? If it wasn't a valid search, with probable cause, the evidence gets thrown out and he won't be in trouble.

now that why i'm still on yahoo answers! you'll never hear such question in real life

Here in California is a deadly weapon and you can get arrested, if it's your first offense the judge would put you in probation, give you community service and not to mention probation is for 3 years

Blessings of Victory
buahaha ohh too good.

was it sharp? if it was not sharp he could probably just say its a paper weight.

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