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What GCSE's do you need to become a police officer?
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What GCSE's do you need to become a police officer?

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Well what do i need to be a police officer?


The application does states you need no formal qualifications ( UK ) if you are going to join and want to pursue the higher development scheme for senoir ranks straight away ( like inspector and above ) then you are going to need a degree to join that scheme, otherwise you will have to join as a PC and work your way up through a series of exams

Once through the paper sift, you are then invited to attend an assessment day, where you will be tested on some core competences there is a written element consisting of two senarios where you have 20 minutes to form replies, and 25 maths question which you have 12 minutes to complete ( you dont have to complete all of them! ) 4 role plays and and standard interview composing of 4 questions.

I will say this, GCSE are important and would advise you, without doubt work hard towards them, The police service is a fantastic career and I wish you all the best with your future application to join.

None I believe. Just get good grades in the key subjects (English, maths and science). The GCSE's you do will not affect if you can be a Police Officer. I think you just need to pass the police examinations to get in. However, for a higher up rank it may require you going to university, which means getting decent grades.

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