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What can I do to someone who trespass on my property?
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What can I do to someone who trespass on my property?


Call the police and have them arrested.

call the police

Have them arrested for illegal tresspass. You cannot do anything to harm them, physically.

Smizza C
Ask them to stop??????

shoot them of course

alex m
Call the police and the trespassers will be arrested for trespassing.

Depends on where you live. In some states, you are allowed to grab your gun and fire if you feel your property or life is in danger.

call the cops,... but in Montana we can shoot them!

I dont know about the US,but as far as the UK is concerned there is almost nothing you can do these days about this.All you can do is ring the police,and get a number.Of course it depends who it is.If it is a youngish kid they might think he was in danger,or something.Last year for some reason,I was targeted by a group of youths who threw a dozen or so eggs at my windows and the front of my house.All I could do was move out.The police were worse than useless,They were more abusive to me!I always said I would never help the Humberside police,when I had begged them for help when I was under siege. If I had told them I had a gun they would have been round in minutes! I hope you have not got it as bad kind regards David Harriaon

Sandy M
start by putting up a no trespassing sing.

Call the Police and file a report of that person. and if you see them on your property call the police everytime. nothing will be done to that person until they do something to your property but at least you have filed several reports of tresspass on that person. it will fall into play then.

you can kill them, the police will investigate but its your property its the law

911 / get a good headshot then 911

restrain untill the police come

James B
show them a piece of your mind! call the cops, shout at them, set traps like a bear trap! possibilities are endless! good look :)

Sloan R
You mean what you can get away with doing, right? John Craycraft. Do what you've always wanted to do. Plant some rock salt in that @ss! By the way I am THE ALL AMERICAN!!!!

elvlayarvvi fEisty wife and mom
call the police...also, post no tresspassing signs...it used to be that you could shoot 'em lol! sigh... hmmm...tell them to get off ur property...you have the right to say that =). If they don't, call the police...file a suit if they keep doing it... oh ya they are right up there, take pictures, too...for proof! =) or a video...and record yourself telling them to get off, too, and keep recording...=)

Kill them. Just kidding. Um. What do they do on your property? Tell them to leave if they're loitering and if they don't take more serious action and make an example out of them. Call the cops.

Post a sign and then call the police. Tell the police you issued a verbal warning, as well as the sign, and he's arrested. Make sure sign is in plain sight.

Beeg Juan
take pictures of them for evidence

You could give them some cookies and milk.

Get the gun out (joke) Shout at them and call the police

Smoke Jensen, the last mtn. man
All of ye guys gotta be some kinda easterners or, how we call them folks East of Mississippi, tin-horns. All ye folks talk about is law dogs, law dogs this and law dogs that, where is the good ol' American spirit that made this nation the greatest of all? It seems to me that more and more folks want a handout from the government, don't ye folks know that the government does not give anything without interest? And the interest, in case you don't know, is your freedom and the interest is always paid first before the principal. Here in the West, and I mean most States West of mighty Mississippi, we stomp our own snakes. It is my property and if it has a fence around it, I need no private property sign and if there ain't a fence, I would put the sign on. Anybody who crosses over the fence or that sign, by the old western law I got the right to shoot, nobody trespasses without a malicious thought in their noggin. All you tin-horns got to do is to look into the constitution, it has the answers to your questions.

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