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What can happen to you if you do not pick up a certifed letter?
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What can happen to you if you do not pick up a certifed letter?

is it illegal to not pick up a certified letter


Mama Pastafarian
You won't get arrested just for not picking up the certified letter. What will happen depends upon the contents of that letter.

If it's from a debt collector, you might get sued anyway. They could serve you by publishing the information in the newspaper, and then everyone will know your business.

If it's from the police, it won't stop them from issuing a warrant for your arrest.

If you're being sued, the sender can keep the certified letter sealed to show proof to the court that they tried to contact you and you refused the letter.

Wendy B
No its not illegal it will go back to the sender

Juan Valdez
You will be arrested

No, you can refuse any mail, certified or otherwise.

no, it will just go back to the sender, but this will be considered legal enough attempt at service, so if they are sueing you, they can go ahead iwth the court case and you will not be there.

No - in the UK it is just returned to the sender if you haven't picked it up within 3 weeks.

No, its not. Just dont pick it up if you dont want to, they will find a different way to serve you though, so it will only help so much.

After 3 attempts to deliver to the address, it gets returned to the sender. It's not necessarily illegal not to pick up a certified letter, but the fact that you didn't pick it up doesn't change the fact that attempts were made to contact you and you didn't respond.

nothing will happen to you but the letter will be sent back to the sender

The Rebel

after a couple of days, it will be sent back to the sender.
it's not illegal. I can send you a certified letter, but it's your right if you want to pick it up or not.

Nothing will happen to you. The PO will make a few attempts at getting you to go pick it up. When you don't, it will simply be sent back.

no its not

Michael S
Of course not. It's your mail. You can do whatever you want with it, including not picking it up.

Dan W
It is not Illegal to not pick up mail or refuse mail
What can happen varies by state law

Usually they have to get it hand delivered to you [ unless you signed refused ]
That will happen by civil service ( Sheriffs Dept.) or private service - certified server

Some places they can get an automatic default judgment because of non response - you lose with no chance in court

If it is a loan company they can default you upon return of mail

A spouse can divorce you after serving old address in areas

Get a lawyers advice or check State statutes please

But you will not get jail anywhere for refusing or ignoring

Helyne H
It's not illegal, you have a right to ignore it if you wish.

Mr Answer
Nothing happens. They send it back to the sender. If it is a legal matter you will end up in court anyway. The sender just has to prove that they notified you by certified mail. The sender just has to show the retuned letter to the judge if the judge asks for it. Like if you did not pay the rent. The landlord will send you a certified letter containing a notice to pay the rent or vacate the premises.

a friend has ended our relationship, he had his business send me a certified letter , i did not go get it. i'm sure it says something threating like stay away or they will take out a resptaining order. what can they do if i do not get it and I do not intend to see him or contact him again anyway. I have info from him to bury the Co. and he is afraid I will tell. so he is threating me.

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