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What can i do about somebody calling and harassing me?
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What can i do about somebody calling and harassing me?

Yesterday i started receiving text messages from a number in a neighboring state so it could possibly be somebody that's knows me. but the wouldn't say who they were or where they lived. they made rude comments about my weight and i was becoming extremrly irritated and today they called me being even more ignorant than the night before. i've done a reverse number search and all they can tell me is that it's a cell number from kansas (which i already knew.) So what can i do now to make them stop??


Go to the police with the text messages and file a report. This is harassment as you state, and is illegal. M daughter was getting phone calls and texts from some creep in a neighboring town. After asking him to stop several times, informing him that she would talk to the police if he didn't, she went to the police a few weeks ago, filed a complaint, and the police had a talk with the person. He stopped doing it so far, as the police informed him that if he continued, my daughter could press charges of criminal harassment. Save all the text messages so you can show the police. Since it's an out of state number, it could become a federal offense as well, bringing stiffer actions against the person. Good luck with it.

Lela A
make police reports of all documentations and block the number

block them on your phone.

You can file a police report on annoying and harassing phone calls. It is a crime, and they can be prosecuted. Most companies offer a call block, but if this person wants to get you, they will just text you from other numbers. I'm sorry. Maybe if you just ignore them and don't respond, like mom says they will go away!!

Love Canada
Block the number?

Debbie M
Does your cell phone/service have the ability to reject #'s? My son's cell phone has a reject list that can have #'s added so the call or the text will not come through. Or you can just ignore the call or text and consider the source. There might be a chance that you service provider might be able to help you. Give them a call.

Demonae t
I have had that done more in likely your going to have to change your number.. Because i've asked the police and everything they says it takes months to locate who it is. and thats time i did not have...

Todd S
get a new phone

Roger D
I'm surprised that the reverse cell phone lookup only gave you the state info. Did you use a free or paid site? I've had good luck with the paid ones and gotten a name and address every time.

Here's the one I've used

If that doesn't work, since you have their phone number, I would do some tit for tat and go sign up that phone number at some telemarketer sites so they know what its like to be harrased. Then for a short period of time forward your phone number to the DMV or something like that. 8)

I think u shud ask them to plz stop nicely 1 more time and tel them if they don u will call the cops and if they dont u shud and they will get ppl who can find the fone (im pretty sure that this will work)

Change your number.

Stephen T
Unless you call and tell the cell company to discontinue and block all texting, you'll have to change your phone number.

if they call u, hit star and then 6 9, that will connect u to them. or: text them back, hunt them down and kick their a**, block the number, hunt them down and kick their a** : ), etc.

calllll the copsss!!

61421923294 and 61430456413 are harassing me a lot. i do not know whose number is this but i am sure both belong to the same person. please help

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