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What color vehicle gets stopped by the police the most?
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What color vehicle gets stopped by the police the most?


the blury ones...................cause speed limit!

In the UK they used to play 'snooker' so it was red followed by black. This was also show in a survey. Not that your interested in that, just a bit of useless information. But maybe they're doing the same in America (that if your an American asking this question) because people are saying red.


red, they did tests

I want Nyxie back!!!
RED I want a red lambergini!!!!
(i probably spelledit wrong!!)

i think they would keep an eye on tha really tricked out cars with nice rims or red sport cars cuz they are more3 likely to over speed

Mary D
fire engine red....



I heard red.

Alice S
I LOVE Babe's answer: the 'blur' passing the Police car - just want to add: "the RED blur" .....


Kim K
Red. Red catches the eye more often than other colors...its one of the first colors we see as babies, and is often thought of as hot.

Funny Girl

the one that was a blur passing the cop.



David R
It's not just the color red. There are other factors leading to a car being pulled over. Think about this. suppose there were two red cars driving within 20 meters of one another and they are both exceeding the speed limit. However, one of the red cars is a 1985 cutlass and the other is a 2006 Ford Mustang. Which one do you think the police officer would pul over first. I can tell you that the fancier and flashier car would get noticed first and that is the car that the police officer would notice. The color red does get noticed by police officers, but it also has a lot to do with the type of car you drive.

RED, then blue, i think the least is green.

i have a red one. but i haven't been stopped. so maybe it depends if you are actually breaking the law.

The Wiz

I just want to state that the person that stated a red vehicle costs more to insure is totally and completely wrong. color has absolutely NO bearing on what your insurance rates are. none. at all. my insurance is so high because in my state, my vehicle is put in the same category as corvettes and high end sports cars like a porsche or lambo, even though it's not. it's just a regular 2003 Mustang GT. I could have bought the car in canary yellow and still expected to pay the same premium. It's the make and model of your vehicle that determines your premium. you could have the same car i have and pay the same rates even if your car was painted in primer... they don't really care about the color.

As far as who's more likely to get pulled over.... no color. sure, bright colors get you NOTICED more but unless they had a reason to pull you over, you wouldn't GET pulled over. nothing wrong with being noticed... our cars are an extension of who we portray ourselves to be. just don't portray yourself to be an idiot driver in a red sports car, doesn't work well for blending in.

melody a
wasn't aware of any specific color; just if it looks suspicious

Red....this is why insurance on a red car is higher than others. In some departments, officers have a competition about who can catch the most red cars.....

Spoken Majority
the one that is doing something wrong.

multi colored ones, you know ther ones that are old and patched together, they are usually the ones owned by less fortunate individuals who participate intentionaly, or not in unlawful activity, it really matters more on which one gets noticed, which is up to the cops eye (if he/she's looking)

Red sports cars

My guess is RED -- but only as a disproportionate fraction of the total number of red cars on the road. However, I'd also guess that there are fewer red cars than some other colors.

I'd guess that black is probably the second-most likely color to get stopped, and since the percentage of black cars is probably higher, I'd guess that black gets the highest raw number.

Just my guesses.
(I'm sure somebody has researched figures, with citations.)

h b
i heard black and silver are the most common

deb H
The belief that certain cars are stopped more because of color is a myth. If you're driving a red corvette and going the speed limit and someone else is driving a white Chevy and speeding, he's the one who will be stopped. Use your common sense for God's sake!!!

I would guess anything tht is bright and noticably

Leprechaun of Jupiter
white,green,blue,red i have been stopped in all 4

silver and white cars get stopped the most, reason being there is more of them on the road

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