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What do i do about a guy sneaking around my house?
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What do i do about a guy sneaking around my house?

ok this is very weird..but.... It started saturday night,but there is a guy who is sneaking around my house(and other houses)looking in windows,but the police can't get the idiot. he seems to appear suddenly and goes away just as quick. This is my problem, he saw me in my bedroom,i wasn't naked,but i was wearing revealing clothes. Its just that i like having my window open and of course my curtains are closed but he opened the curtain cause i turned around and thats when i saw him. he scared me and now i am scared,my dad sayshe will be caught but as long as this is going on, people on my street are freaked out. I kow Im babbling, but I just want ppl's advice or thier own story about this. thank u.


Be sure to identify the stalker and report him to the police by complaining that he was intruding into your privacy.

Shoot him and drag the body inside so you can explain to the police that he was an intruder.

i would get a bebe gun, or mabey some burning wax would do the trick...

If the police cannot catch him and you think he is still around you need to make your area / neighbor uncomforatble for him.

If you even think you hear a noise, call the police and keep calling.

Ask the police to do an extra patrol on your neighborhood.

I would suggest lights and motion lights outiside the house.

Turn your bedroom light on a different hours of the night and often when you get up that way it looks random.

Make sure all your neighbors know about teh guy so they can do random acts of lights and random checks.

Basicly if the person knows you are watching for him and it is possible for him to get caught, he will not come as often.

Think of it as you are the one lookingi n someone elses house, what things would make you run away or stay away.

Patch G
close your windows and curtains until the freak is caught.

don't offer yourself as a victim by having an open window or curtain.

especially if you know someone is in your neighbor peeking in windows.

Yeah, close your windows & lock them too and if you see this freak again, call 911... or maybe the police should have a neighborhood watch system set up in your area! It sounds like he is frequenting places like yours where he can get his thrills from easy victims... maybe it would be a good idea to get a good alarm system where the police are alerted when he is in the area of your home.... like the window would set off the alarm! Wow, get a protective guard dog or a gun maybe! Take some classes on how to protect yourself too... sounds like you need a good roommate or someone around to help you!

Form yourself a Neighborhood watch organization and set up communication between your houses. When he appears. silently rally all the men in the area to come to your house. and nail this guy. With a few numbers you can do anything. You better change your habits about those windows until the problem gets solved.
You could set up a camera and take his picture with a flash when he appears. He probably would not come back with a record like that.

khader m
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Buy a gun, and then next time you spot him, fire some shots off into the air. That'll scare him off for good.

Get Macaulay "home alone" Culkin's help - he's brilliant

12 guage shotgun and a pit bull should do the trick


The guy will most likely come back to your house now that he has seen you. Put some traps around the house or something to get him off guard. You can also try to get the police on guard around your neighborhood to catch him.

He opened the curtains BECAUSE you turned around?

Chances are you are a target right now, because he saw you like that. Put an alarm at your window (and keep it close) .... you can get a very inexpensive one at an "As Shown On TV" store. I don't think I would continue sleeping in that room, if I knew somebody peeked into my room and saw me in very revealing clothes.... not until the person is caught.

Nicole B
Definetely your doors locked, windows, and curtains closed. a family got murdered not to far from where I live, pretty scarey. This used to be a good neighborhood, but it went downhill/

Chico Infierno
Get a big mean dog and a gun.

A long time ago, there was a Peeping Tom in Dallas, where I used to live. I was in high school, and my sister and I shared a room. We had to leave the windows open as there was no air conditioning, so we were really scared. I slept next to the window and was so scared I would open my eyes and see a face staring back at me. We decided to get a baseball bat, and put it by our bed, so if anyone got in, we could just reach down in the dark and swat him with it. My advise, is to close your curtains, get a window air-conditioner if you do not have air, and close the window up tight. Then get that baseball bat, where it is handy, be prepared for anyone who might get inside. You could scream, but you never know how he is going to try and get you. You might could get a horn, and blow it, just squeeze it, and scare them away, and also alert your dad. After you get more safe, then maybe you will not be so scared. I would alert the Police too that you saw someone, they can get footprints and fingerprints off the window, footprints off the soil, that might help get him. The dad's could do a patrol and take turns watching to see if he comes around, and call the Police, don't try to take him down themselves, as he could be armed. Good luck. Go in the closet and change clothes, or the bathroom with no window, or shut it and close the curtain. If they see you, it only encourages them to get you. Get some pepper spray too. That is good to have when you are just out and about.

Is there anyway you could let your dad know he is there while you are in your room when you see him, like maybe program the home number on your cell in your closet or something and use one key entry for dialing (like speedial)? Then he could maybe sneak outside and beat the living crap out of him. Buy some pepper spray and get them right in the face. The pervert will have a tough time running when they can't see. Then your dad can beat the crap out of him.

The best bet would be an outside surveillance camera but they can be expensive. Or what about a still camera used for hunting that is motion detected (used to see when deer are in that area for hunting purposes) it would get pictures of the guy and even if you can't make out a description you may see a pattern in the time he is coming to your house. Then the cops will have some idea of when to patrol the area....or your dad can hide in the bushes and beat the living crap out of him!

Can you tell, I hope your dad mangles this creep.

Make sure the house locks are good, including window locks. If the window lock in your room isn't, wedge something between the top of the window and where the lock is so that if they go to open it, it will not pull up regardless of the bad lock.

Call the police and demand that they have people patrol the area at nite. If this person is a peeping tom or someone looking for an easy target to rob the police need to be aware of it. The guy is trespassing and can be threatened by owners to get of the property. If you live in a tight knit community start handing out flyers to get the community involved in keeping the area safe. If this guy was a child molester I am sure people would be out at all hours of the night looking for this person to get him thrown in jail/prison.

close and lock everything. Man, that is freaky.


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