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What happens if a minor gets caught stealing?
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What happens if a minor gets caught stealing?

What happens if a minor gets caught stealing if the cops werent called and the store said they would not prosecute.? Were they lying? How expensive does the item have to be to be a big "case"? Is jail-time possible?


I know what I know
Jail? Unlikely. The store has until the statute of limitations runs out to file criminal charges which is one to two years. If you require further help try this website forum that deals with shoplifting and related issues

Kayla LaBayla
No, you should be okay.

I know someone who got caught stealing $75 worth of stuff & they took the stuff and put it back on the shelf and she had to go to court with a ticket.
You cannot get jail time unless it's a felony, and it has to be like over $500 or something like that.

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