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What happens if a police officer makes a mistake on a traffic ticket?
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What happens if a police officer makes a mistake on a traffic ticket?

i got 7 tickets for leaving a truck i bought on the street while i was waiting for the title to be re sent the original owner signed the wrong area an the cop who issued the ticket on one of the tickets he wrote statute no.37:6b-2 wich doesn't exist in new jersey after some digging i figured out it was sopose to be statue no.39:6b-2 this is clearly a 7 an no way that it is a 9 so i was wondering if that could get that ticket thrown out
Additional Details
i forgot i tried paying all the tickets an the said court appearance required but on the ticket it doesn't say that do i go to court on the day it says or do i call the town an get a new court date


That summons was issued for not having insurance, that is what 39:6B-2 is for. If you go in front of a judge and ask for the ticket to be dismissed because of an administrative error (The wrong statute number was written in this case) the judge is going to call the officer up to the stand and ask the officer what the ticket was issued for. If the wrong statute number was written the judge is going to make an administrative amendment to the ticket (write in the correct statute number) and the summons will be "re-issued to you" so to speak. You can not have a summons dismissed for an administrative error. That only happens on television. As far as getting 7 tickets at one time? That is a little bit excessive. You may be able to have some of those tickets 'merged' together. I would bring an attorney. Also, on the court appearance. There are certain offenses that require a court appearance. 396B-2 is one of them. The officer may have forgot to check the box, but the court should notify you to tell you of the court date. If they have not called you, you better call them to find out when the date is. If you miss the court date a failure to appear warrant can be issued for your your arrest.

Judge Dredd
Being that title 37 under New Jersey Statutes covers marriage and married persons I doubt that the Judge will agree that the officer meant a 7 instead of a 9. It's title 39 that is the traffic code for the state. You can try but most judge's aren't going to be that sympathetic, especially since you received 6 other tickets.

You can try.....won't hurt. He wrote you 7 tickets at once? If so, then they really don't have anything better to do. If it was over a period of time, why didn't you move it? :) Good luck!!

Marissa Di
Maybe. New Jersey police can be awful on traffic tickets, as I was once the victim of this and traveled very far back to New Jersey for this ticket. They were awful, I don't mean the judge, I mean the atmosphere, the viciousness, there was no communication. I would proceed with caution, and if you can get this tossed, consider yourself very lucky.
It was a U turn, no speeding, no insults, it was just an awful experience and changed my view of New Jersey forever. (it wasn't the local police, and you may get a break with the local police)

many mistakes, color of truck, year of truck and simular would still allow it to be valid, but this is one of the few mistakes that will make it not valid, you appear in court and ask for the ticket to be dismised because their is no such violation under state code. * don't tell them what it suppose to be.

Possible, not probable. I was in court when just such a situation came up on another case ahead of me. The judge and the bailiff and the court clerk got together and found the appropriate charge and the gentleman had to pay that fine.

If there is an error on the ticket it will most likely get amended in court to the correct statute. There is no harm in trying though........

Hope this helps.

its worth a shot . so i would

If you don't go to court when they say to, they will most likely issue a warrant for your arrest and you don't want that on your record, too. Go to (don't call) the Clerk of Courts to get any discrepancies cleared up on the tickets and let them advise you on what steps to take and get any paperwork you can get from them on the laws, etc, and what they advise you to do. Anyone can make a mistake, just like you did by leaving the truck there long enough to get 7 tickets :)

Yes, it can be thrown out on a technicality.

California Street Cop
Its called an "administrative error". Won't get it tossed here in Cali.

They could be corrected in court. But you still may have a chance. Maybe.

old fuzz
Worth a shot, I suppose. I suspect what will happen the the judge will have the officer correct the ticket in court. Administrative errors usually don't void tickets, factual errors do.

no body
It's best to call and ask or reallygo in. You dont want to ignore it. He may have gotten it wrong on the ticket, but it is placed in a computer or on file and that wont be wrong. So get it settled or you might be in for it big.
Besides they might wave it for the mistake, lol

Of course it is your right to go to court and fight it but I don’t see this being thrown out based on just the wrong statute being put on the ticket. The description of the offense is probably correct and DA would realize this and amend the charge to make it correct. Based on all the other tickets you have received for this same offense, I don’t see the judge going out of his way to throw out the ticket.
Now if he spelled your name wrong or put the wrong DOB, then you might have something to work with.
Best bet, if you committed the violation, just pay the ticket and do whatever you need to do so you don’t get anymore of the same tickets.

Lord L

we police dont make mistakes ever
and if we do its your fault
be quiet or we will shoot

what happen if a cop write down the wrong information about your vehicle, you gave him insanuce paper, it has all the information about my car...

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