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What happens if you don't see a judge 72 hours after you've gotten arrested, do they release you?
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What happens if you don't see a judge 72 hours after you've gotten arrested, do they release you?


The normal cause of action is to arrest, book on charge.
Now we come to the fun part.
Arrested on an investigative hold-can hold 72 hours without actual charge.
Charged, can bail out if bailable charge, should be arraigned within 24hours to 72 hours exclusive of holidays and weekends.
Charged capital offense, no bail, must see the judge to have a bail set if one is to be set or not with in the scope of the 8th amendment.
After first appearance(varies from state to state) or plea arraignment, a trial date will be set.

Depends on what you did and how many times you've broke the Law. If it is simple Misdemeanors, they fine you, set a court date and go from there. Most often they release you.

This would depend upon where you are. For example in Connecticut you're taken into police custody after court closes on Friday or an extended holiday weekend. The police put together a 48 hour probable cause report. It lists your charges, your bond and gives a brief synopsis of the events surrounding your arrest. This is then taken to residence of the on call judge in your jurisdiction. He/she reviews the report and signs off on it with the determination of keeping you in custody until you're presented in court or ordering your release for lack of probable cause.

In the u.s., if you are arrested without a warrant, then a judge must review the probable cause within 48 hours to approve your continued detention. Contrary to popular belief, the defendant does not have to be present for that proceeding. Many judges do it at home by reviewing fax reports from cops. If there is no such probable cause determination, then there are two potential remedies. One, if you confess during the unlawful portion of the detention, that confession can be suppressed. Two, if you file and serve a petition for writ of habeas corpus, you would be entitled to be released until a judge determines if there is cause for the continued detention. As that is essentially impossible, and most people don't confess during the unlawful portion, there is little meaningful remedy.

In the UK, they can either charge you or let you out on bail, no judge needed. They can also extend that time for further questioning, or if your a suspected terrorist, have days to work in.

how long does a person have manditory to see a judge or be released because of time frame. is it 24 hours 48 hours etc.

I was arrested on July 3rd at 0400 hrs., which was a business day. 4th was a holiday, 5th was Saturday and the 6th was Sunday. 7th started the second business day. 8th was the third business day , which the 72 hr. arraignment law was due. 9th I was arraigned . Where my right violated ?

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