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What happens when I have a warrant for my arrest?
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What happens when I have a warrant for my arrest?

But Instead of turning myself in, I decide to run to another state. What will happen to me? Does it become federal now or what?


In addition to whatever current charges you have you will be charged with a felony of fleeing to avoid arrest. That could end up being more serious than whatever you are already charged with. Most states now have computers in the cop cars that check all states for wants and warrants so if you get stopped for anything you will be arrested. Then you will be extradited to your home state to face charges.

Stevie G
No it does not become federal. The warrant will be entered into NCIC (National Crime Information Center). If you "run" to another state and get pulled over, they will run your drivers license number and the warrant will show up. You will be arrested and possibly extradited back to the state the warrant is out of. Your best option is to turn yourself in and save the taxpayers from paying for your expensive trip while in the lovely Smith and Wesson bracelets.

Call up a bail bonds men or a lawyer, they can help you out! Tell you if you have a warrant and for what! Also they'll help you resolve the issue!

It doesn't change the fact that you still have a warrent. dummy.

First off what kind of warrant do you have? It may have been issued as a local, a Provincial/Statewide, a non returnable warrant, a warrant of discretion.
The warrant is going to show up if you get checked for anything in another State, if it is extraditable is another question. You may have a non returnable and the Officer would only inform you that you have out standing charges elsewhere, if it's returnable, you're going to jail, wherever you are!!!

old fuzz
Depends on the warrant and the crime.


You were cited for Disturbing the Peace and given a court date for trial, you did not go to court. A warrant was issued charging you with the original offense and Failure to Appear. These are misdemeanor charges. The warrant would be entered into the State's computer system. Any officer that ran a records check on you would fine the warrant. Now, since it only a misdemeanor, the court may not want to go through the expense of extraditing you back to its jurisdiction and the officer would have to kick you loose.

Let's change it to a Felony crime. You are wanted for murder. A warrant would be issued and entered into the NCIC, National Crime Information Center, computers. Any officer checking on you will find this warrant. For such a serious crime you would be extradited back to the court's jurisdiction.

Even if you have some petty misdemeanor you want to avoid paying fines for; just running won't help you that much. Many States will suspend your driver's license until you clear up your warrant. So, you move to another state without taking care of that misdemeanor we talked about earlier. The State suspends your driver's license. Now, you can not get a new license in your new state; they will not issue a new license while you are under a suspension. Get caught driving and you are arrested anyway for new charges in your new state.

Tristam H
If there is a warrant for your arrest and you cross state lines then you have committed the felony of Interstate Flight. This immediately puts you on the federal database which pretty much means you will not be able to get a job or even go to a hospital. Better to turn yourself in.

Whenever you get caught inside the US and get your name run by police. they will see that you have a warrant for you arrest and you will spend some time in County jail.

Bender R
Depends on the offense, and how much the originating agency wants you back. Distance is also a factor. Many agencies will extradite across state lines for any offense... and some won't. It's not worth it to take the chance. You'll be found eventually and eventually it'll be in the right place for you to be arrested and shipped back. BTW, I just confirmed a warrant issued in 1987 for failure to appear in court. They'll wait until you die to throw the warrant out... no joke!
What kind of warrant are we talking here?

Reductio ad Absurdum
No, you can commit any crime you want anywhere, but you have to move somewhere else in order for people to forget about it.

Obviously the warrant will not just go away. The cops probably won't look hard for you, but if you get another ticket or even if you apply to certain jobs you're going be ******.

This is a quote from a q&A section of a lawyer site...
If an Arrest Warrant has been Issued for Me in one State, Can I be Arrested in Another?
Yes. According to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, an arrest can be executed anywhere in the United States. "

So in reading this I don't believe it turns into a federal warrant, but if you get pulled over and they run your name through the system then you're screwed.

Tony M
If it's within Aus, it depends on what you've done. Once a warrant is issued, you don't need to turn yourself in, but once you're caught, and you knew that there was a warrant issued for your arrest, you may be remanded in custody and not granted bail until your court appearance (since they assume you will try and run again).

If you've done something serious, or failed to appear in court for anything and thats the reason for your warrant being issued, then it's likely they'll hunt you relentlessly. They'll come to your current registered address, previous addresses, friends, workplaces etc..

If you skip States they'll still know, if you ever get your licenced checked at random by them, do anything stupid that gets you arrested, or try and use a passport etc. SO basically, there's no getting away. Just go to the police and sort it out. If you show up and it's nothing crazy they'll generally grant you bail to appear in court at a later date.

Unless you've killed someone or failed to appear in court, you're fairly safe as long as you behave and have nothing to worry about.

I recommend that you call several criminal defense attorneys and interview then to see which one you prefer to be your defense attorney.

Then hire the one who is best in your opinion.

If you do not have the money to pay the attorney ask himof her if there is there is a way that he can be appointed as your attorney by the court and paid by the jurisdiction where you are located.

You will still have a warrant for your arrest. It will not drop. Same thing happened to a friend. Went out of state, came back to visit, got stopped at a traffic check point (was a passenger), got sent to jail for a few days, faced the judge, was released.

Mike D
Yeah you can go to another state get a job but if you ever get pulled over or a cop runs your id you will be arrested and transfered to the state where the warrant was issued.

Depends on the crime..

For something small, you could get pulled over three towns away and have them not know about the warrant (happened to me), most likely, the new state you're in won't know about it unless you get arrested and processed....

If I have a felony warrant can I get a job with taxes taken out

well, i have a class A misdemeanor for assault in the third degree in springfield missouri, and i would like to keep it there because i would like to have a reason to never go back to springfield because of all the crap i was put through by other people and myself while i was there, so i was wondering how many miles i had to be from the county before they wouldnt extradite me..

I got a ticket for no car insurance I moved and hadn't changed my address and I guess they sent a letter saying I had a warrant for my arrest to my old address...can they come arrest me or whats gonna happen

Alot of you are saying if you get pulled over in one state and wanted in another they will catch you. That is not true all the time. I know someone wanted in one state and been pulled over twice and still never got arrested. I am sure someday it will catch up to them but they dont look every time like everyone says. It is the luck of the draw I guess. Luck can run out though,,,

Hey i need some ones advise i already know what`s the most reasonable answer.Well while i was a juvenile i committed alot of crimes i am considered a gang member in the city of Los Angeles,most of my crimes are for GTA.I was released 2 years ago on probation i was out for a month and i was messing around still being a kid and what not. I fled from the U.S Mostly because i was tired of living that lifestyle i was in mexico for 10 months i crossed like an illegal being born here very stupid i know i just didnt want to get caught well i still ended up getting caught while i was in the hands of border patrol for a few hours they let me go to the custody of my older brother having those warrants already they said to clear that up.I didn't do that i wanted till the holidays ended i turned 18 And now i want to go to school and have a good paying job. Do you guys think that they will let me go our will i do time? I have 2 felony's for GTA As a juvenile though.

I had court today but I live 3 hours away and had no transportation to getting to the court house I called to see if I could reschedule my hearing but I was suppose to mail a letter 5 days before. The reason I had to go to court was for shoplifting can you please help me out. I know I have a warrant and I have never got introuble with the law so I don't really know what a warrant is?

lets say i have a warrant in Mena,AR and its non-exraditable and they cant come get me. me and a friend were framed by dirty cops. and the crime was committed by a 12 yr old and a 13 yr old what do i do in this situation ,because i want to go back home and im tired of running ,its been about a year now is there anything i can do like a job or something to get it off or do do anything so it can be less time

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