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What happens when you loose drivers license, social securty card AND birth certificate?
Find answers to your legal question.

What happens when you loose drivers license, social securty card AND birth certificate?

Where O Where would one start?
You cant get one without the other, so, where does one start?
Call social security dept?
You cant get a state id without some other form of ID.
you cant get a replacement birth certificate without an ID
you cant get a replacement social security card without a birth certificate.
Not a hypothetical question, really, I know someone who has lost all these items and apparently you need these or at least some to get a job.
People loose thier purses all the time, so, what do they do?
Help her help herself and get a job.


DMV to get a duplicate license
Department of health to get a duplicate birth certificate
Social Security office to get a duplicate SS card

Department of health doesn't require you to show and ID to get a duplicate copy of your BC. My mother got a duplicate BC of my grandfather and for me (she lost mines when I was a kid), and she didn't show any ID to get either. many states allow you to order them online (no verification that way)

1. Call social security- as long as you know your number they can help. It should be on your employment or welfare records.
2. Go to DMV, they will finger print you run your prints and photo ID. If you know your DL Number it will help. Look on the last citation you got. Or have the records dept. of your local PD run your car license plate number that will give your DL number.
3. Write or go to the hall of records in the city and state you were born they will ask your mothers maiden name and your fathers name etc. and for $10 or $15 they will issue a new one

I would start with the police dept. to get your DL number and you should report the lose any way.

Amy S
The birth certificate is the first order of business. She should go to the County Recorder's office in the county in which she was born and get a certified duplicate of her birth certificate. She will simply have to fill out a form that says it's her. I got my last year and didn't have to show ID.

With that, she'll be able to get a duplicate license... although DMV does have licenses with pictures on their system, so she should just be able to go down there and get a duplicate.

The Social Security Administration has a website. Just click on the link to fill out an application for a duplicate SS card. Fill the form out, and send it off. The SS card will show up in the mail in about 6 weeks. As long as she knows the number, she's all set.

my friend lost all of his in a house fire. he had to show a fire report and pay the money and he got his birth certificate. with that he got his ss card. then with those he got his licence.

why the heck would you carry all of those in your purse. your not supposed to for that specific reason!

You need at least two of those items to get a job. if you get a job and don't have them, they'll give you so long to get them before your not allowed to work anymore until you have them.

no,the first thing you do is file a report with the police,then you contact ss ad get a nother card issued,then you contact the bureau of vital statistics where you were born and get a copy of your b/c,then when it all comes in the mail,you go get another d/l,unless they will give you one based on the pic on your old one.

People who were involved with hurricane Katrina had dealt with this dilemma.
Sometimes family mambers have some info that can help.
Also there are some gov. websites that they can go to that will guide them to getting their life back.

Tired Trucker
had to go through this last year. I'm a truck driver, i was sleeping in my truck's sleeper, some crackhead decided to throw a rock through my window and join me for a few seconds. he didn't bother searching for my wallet, he just grabbed my pants and took off with them through the woods. I was 500 miles from home, no longer allowed to drive because of no license, my truck was towed in and I was sent home to get my license replaced. Couldn't get on a plane, couldn't rent a car. The only option I had was a greyhound bus, that's about all you can board with no ID. After that horrific experience, the first stop was the county office building, they have your birth certificate. Gotta have this and another form of ID to get your social security card. I think I used my phone bill as the second form. Birth cert. was easy, they charged me $11 for an official copy. So next to the social security office, which where I live is in the Federal Building downtown. Problem. Can't get into the building with no ID. Now what? Back home, called them on the phone. After some run-around, a woman told me I could go to the Social Security office in the next county over, where they are located in a plain old shopping center. Got in! After waiting about an hour, they gave me an official looking paper that said my replacement card was applied for, and was told I could take this to the license bureau. This and my birth certifcate got me my license. All done. Except for waiting a few days for my bank and credit cards, but you didn't ask about that....after that, I was heading back to my truck 500 miles away...and I didn't have to take the bus!

You should have copy of all your papers and cards in a safe deposit box or personal fire safe box. Your birth certificate is one of the most important papers that you can save. When my son lost his wallet with all in he called me for his birth certificate.

Hypno MILF Snatch
Well how about other forms of IDs, such as using a school ID and perhaps a bank statement or bank card. Usually the bank keeps your social on file. Try contacting the county clerk for more info. Even using a utility bill might help.

Happy woman
An illegal gets to drive, collect social security and and gets to buy a gun...and then....

uhm i guess ur a nobody then....

Get copy of birth certificate, make sure it has raised seal, thats the start

Dean C
In Florida, they have pictures on file so they can verify it is you. I dont know about anywere else.

she should call the hospital where she was born and get another birth certificate sent out to her...its a start at least

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