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What happens when your arrested while on probation?
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What happens when your arrested while on probation?

If someone is on probation, then they are arrested for a d.w.i. If it is their first d.w.i will they likely face jail time.


More than likely because you violated your probation.

the b-i-s-h
your probatin is revoked and you will go to prison not jail

go to jail directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars..

I would say, yes. They can revoke your probation, and make you serve your time. I am sure they told you that when they put you on probation. They make sure you understand, that part.

Yes. If you are on probation and you break the law again you will have to go to jail and serve you sentence you got probation for in the first place.

If you beat the charge then you are fine. However, you MUST notify your PO within 24 hrs of the arrest (might be 48 but it's one of the two) or that is a violation in and of itself. So aim to get the case thrown out, not guilty, or put on the stet docket and you'll be fine!

old lady
That depends on what they are on probation for, and whether you are talking juvenile or adult court. And it also depends on which jurisdiction you are in. Some judges are heavier than others on first time offenders.
The bottom line is, it doesn't do you any good to stand up in court while you are on probation and appear on yet another charge. It gives the judge the impression that you aren't taking the legal system very seriously.

they probably still violated their probation.


michael d
it depends on how good their lawyer is.

R, P, then B
It depends on your PO and the conditions of your probation. most likely, your going to do some time, or the conditions will be re-written and become more stringent.

More than likely. Definitely if you have had prior DWI offenses.

Uhh yeah. But they must want to go to jail - otherwise why would they mess up their probation?

uphill climb

Adventure Man
Very likely, almost certainly.

Yes, first they put you in jail for breaking your probation then charge you with d.w.i. and add the time to your original sentence.

Miz Thang
Yes, the whole point of probation is giving you a second chance and it is making deal to follow all orders of your probation. A violation will result in jail time.

Yes they will go back to jail, It is call a violation of probation. I don't even think that you are allowed to drink when you are on probation.

Zach K.
All depends on your charge, p.o., and judge. I was on felony probation with a curfew and can't drink and got arrested for a dwi past curfew after 9mths but got dwi dropped and never got revoked or put back in jail.

Rachel Villanueva
My son was arrest again for the 2nd time. First time he was sentence to 10 years probation and now he is facing some other charges found some cocaine on him refusing arrest, do I go with a lawyer or is it best with an appointed lawyer, I don't have money to get a lawyer what do you advice.

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