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What is bond and when you pay the bond does it mean you dont have to go to jail?
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What is bond and when you pay the bond does it mean you dont have to go to jail?


Lets say you go to jail, and your buddy offers to pay your bond. What the bond means, is that you can get out of jail once that bond is paid. The paid money is there until you go to court at the specified time and date. If you fail to show up, your buddy loses his bond money. So, you go to jail, but you get out because your buddy has bonded you saying that he promises you will be in court at the scheduled time. Basically he's betting you'll show up to court while the court is betting you won't. Whoever wins, gets the money.

Many offenses have set bond amounts. In other cases the judge sets the amount of the bond.

When you are bonded out of jail there is a set date you have to appear in court. Failure to appear would be cause to forfiet the bond and a warrant would be issued for your arrest.

An example of how a bond works is as follows: Say you have a $1,000 bond. You have to put up the thousand bucks or a bail bonding company can put it up for you. For their fee they normally charge ten percent of whatever the bond amount is.

When bonds of higher amounts collateral is normally required by the bonding agency .

bail bond is when you pay to get out of jail while going to your three court hearing, the preliminary hearing, some other one and sentencing. Most likely you will go to jail. I been bailed out 2 times and both of the times I ended up doing jail time. pretty much it was a waste of money I could of done the time it sometimes takes like 2 or 3 months to your sentencing those 2 or 3 months you can get credit for jail time so if you have to do say 6 months in jail withing the months waiting to get sentence might as well do your time and all you would do is 3 more months left to complete your 6 month sentence the sooner the better just do your time and don't get into trouble anymore

Dottie R
Bond is similar to bail and just means you don't have to stay in jail unless you're convicted in court and sentenced to jail or prison.

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