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What is the best solution to get rid of firearms/guns?
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What is the best solution to get rid of firearms/guns?


Jim Bridger
as they say:

You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

Jennifer (answer below), the civil war would come because many Americans -- well above the majority -- feel that the statement "the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed." is a part of the constitution worth fighting for.

When I was in the service I swore that I would "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Taking away my 2nd amendment rights, or any other citizen's, falls under that category of enemy to the Constitution. I still hold that oath dearly.

there isn't one, theres to many in circulation, its impossible, will you guys ever stop crying?

Not to.

I don't want another Civil War.... do you?

Cold Hard Fact
It would be worse than the drug problem, and we know there is no getting rid of that.

Don't forget we must get rid of boxcutters too! They were used in the biggest terrorist attack in our history after all.

robert p
If you take guns from the "law abiding public" will criminals turn them in with a smile? No

First get rid of all the criminals, then we wouldn't need the weapons.

Give them to me. I collect them. Thanks.

Why would you want to? If the guy that did the shooting at the school didn't have a gun, don't you think he would have used something else? There are more people killed by cars a year than guns, are we going to take away cars ? DUHHHHHH

There is none, plain and simple. We have been fighting a pointless war on drugs for decades and are getting nowhere. Guns would be no different. Any criminal in possession of a firearm is already in breach of the law, so a gun ban would just be another law for them to break. If gun control works, then how do you explain the high crimes rates in California, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago and Hawaii, where handguns are extremely controlled or outright banned. Drugs are illegal, yet people still get them and use them without very much of a hassle, banning guns would have the same consequence. I hate to have to say it again, but when you ban guns, then only criminals will have them.

Guns are not the problem, criminals and crazy people are. I am so tired of hearing liberal crybabies whine that we need to get rid of guns.

ask the people real nice to give up their guns,,,and then hold your breath until they do

get rid of the people. its not the guns its the people using them.

Get rid of guns and go back to stabbings with knives and swords or what ever you can make. At least you'll have a better chance of fighting back, unless the criminal uses throwing knives or shurikens. That would be a little harder to defend against.

Uh, sell them?

Deaf Redneck
do you mean you want to get rid of your own guns then take them to a pawn shop.

Man, if they cut off all of our arms, we'd figure out how to kill each other with our feet. That tree that you are hugging there man, STOP!!!!

Dead man inc
that would be nice but wont happen

Mopp inferred that if we got rid of guns there would be a civil war. I understand that a large percent of the population owned guns in Iraq even before we invaded. Gun ownership did not prevent their civil war.

I don't have a solution except to make it harder to get guns in the first place. Automatic weapons should be banned. There may be a few who want them as collectables, but no one needs an automatic weapon for hunting or self defense.

I lost the URL but an information web site listed 47 recent school shootings. 36 were in the United States, 2 in Canada and 9 in the all the rest of the world. Could Canada's strick gun control laws account for their small number? The very lax gun laws in the U.S. might contribute to the high percent, (about 76%) of all school shootings worldwide.

drop nuclear bombs, then there'll be no need for them. Now go and do, but you'll end up savagely killing bambie in the process so maybe you should quityerbitcin!!!

err ban them completely?

pull your head out of your ass
this why there are mass shootings because of stubborn people like you nothing will ever change

Thin man
lardfa9 is correct. Ban all ammunition, ban all guns, ban all rifles. Ban police gunsl later. Hunters (if hunting is still needed) will rent guns at the hunting lodge (like renting skis at the slopes). Then we work on the government to stop prliferating and selling weapons all around the world. Just keep for country defence. Many countries do all this and it works well. This is the way I want us to do it. And this is the way we will do it!! Not a tree hugger as one idiot put it, just want NO GUNS period.

hey you knowq what there are rednecks like me who need all of our guns to live and you city kids think you can just say that five people die a year then we need top get rid of guns

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