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What is the best way to look good in front of a judge?
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What is the best way to look good in front of a judge?

I'm going to court to clear my warrant for a dui progress report that i have never showed up for. What can me and my lawyer do or say to let the judge go easy on me? Im so scared that he will punish me for not showing up. Im doing so good in my life right now that i cannot let my parents down with any bad news. Im well aware of the mistake that i have made and i am trying to make it better so any good advice? Oh, and im 21 right now but this happened right before i turned 18 and it is in a juvenile court. HELP!!! Thanks


The 8 Bicycle and Jim
dress conservatively and no bright colors

Get your hair cut, shave, wear a jacket and tie, and look respectful.

When you go before the judge, be respectful. Say yes sir and no sir. When you have a chance to speak, tell him/her just what you said in your message, that you are aware of your mistake, that you are sorry, and you are doing good now.. Tell him that you are sad that you have let your parents down and you don't want to do that any longer. Dress nice. If you have some slacks, wear them. If not wear nice jeans and a nice shirt. Be sure that you look clean and presentable with a good attitude.

"...i have never showed up for."

Dude...you can't be THAT stupid. That judge is gonna nail your hide to the wall.

Don't drop the soap...

show remorse at this point realize he is god and act with respect

440 Dart Racer
Wear a halter top, short skirt and gogo boots. If you are overweight, I recommend spandex.

The ones you fear
poke out his eyes so he can't see you or anything at all.

Madame Gato
Dress professionally. Make sure you are clean shaven (if you're a guy). Don't dress young, dress like a 45-year-old lawyer. You want to look older, educated, and responsible.

Stand up straight and tall, clasp your hands in front of you, and make eye contact generously. You want to look attentive and sharp.

Try not to look arrogant, just confident but at the same time humble. You are in the presence of a superior - someone that has spent a long time doing what they do. Repect that and perhaps you'll also get respect back... and a break.

Farly the Seer
Dress nice and be clean/presentable. Judges respond well to respect of the court. The best thing you can say, with your lawyer's approval of course, is what you've written here. That you made a mistake, it was a one-time thing, you've learned from it, and you've gotten your life together. If you have specific examples, that would help. Good luck.

You need togo to court wearing decent clothes clean shaven. You need to answer all questions with yes or no mame or sir. Make eye contact with the judge at all times. If the lawyer is decent he will know what to say.

Take off all of your clothes in front of the judge AND START JUMPING UP AND DOWN.

Dress well, have a rehearsed positive statement, and speak well.

Brian Da Dog
Do not feed him a line of s....he has heard it all before. Be truthful, be respectful, but do not kiss his butt

A nice suit with a jacket, slacks, real shoes (no tennis or sneakers) and a tie, tied properly.

Shave and comb your hair, stand up straight, look the judge in the eye, answer all question firmly and politely, ("Yes, your Honor") and no back sass.

El flaco
Tell the judge that you had certain things going on in your life and you completely forgot about it.... Or that you were unable to pay for the program of whatever you reason was for not showing up.... You going to court shows responsibility and the judge will probably take that into consideration... You are not a criminal cause you showed up. So calm down. (tell him you were immature at the time but now realize that it is better to show up and take care of things when they happen)

Mr. PhD
Dress nicely but not so much you look rich. Be honest and sincere. Don't lie. Say that you are sorry in a sincere manner. Tell him about what you are doing now and how you think you have redeemed yourself. Offer to do weekenders program or even street cleaning detail. If sentence to street cleaning detail, show up on time and without an attitude (the Deputy WILL report any transgression to the court).

sorry buddy, you are on your own

Trying to be cute and play coy will get you nowhere! Just let him know you understand what you did and how you will go about preventing it from happening again.

dress like you were going on a job interview, keep in contact with your attorney, bring copies of any verification that you are doing well, such as-school report cards, attendance, drug/alcohol program updates from counselors...

Dress in your Sunday best, call the court officers sir, ma'am or your honor, as appropriate. I gather from your screen name that you're a woman, so for you it would be a conservative dress or skirt, nice hair and tasteful makeup. You don't want to be in front of the judge in a belly shirt, torn jeans and Goth makeup. Look at the judge when you speak. Answer questions truthfully and as simply as possible. No long-winded explanations. Just say it and be done with it. Don't make excuses. Be on your best behavior! Good luck!

Sarah R
The facts speak for themselves.

Why did you get a DUI? Are you an addict? Do you go to AA meetings?? Can you have a counselor report on your attendance at meeting?

DO you have a good driving record now? DO you have any other offenses (shoplifting, gun charge, anything??)

Do you have a job that requires you to be on time and gives you responsibility?

The things you have to show are not things you can do at the last minute-- you have to have been on 'good behavior" ever since your DUI.

Why didn't you go to your last court date? DO NOT make anything up. Be honest and say you were scared or that you were drunk or high.

Do not chew gum or wear jeans. Dont say yes sir or maam, but yes/no YOUR HONOR.

By the way, everyone in front of the judge is "sorry" What you can do to impress the judge is have a job, show that you;re taking responsibility for your life. It's more than words, it's your actions.

Joni B
If you just want to "look good" the judge will see right through it. Just go and be honest. Good luck.

Daniel Z
When you stand before a judge the best way to look is innocent!

Hey all kidding aside you need to fall at the mercy of the court. The fact that you failed to show up proves to the judge that you have no respect for Authority and unless you can bring in some character witness's and show proof positive of your life having turned around you make have to pay a penalty for your actions.

Cheesie M
tanttoo (sun less tanner tattoo) innocent on your forehead. and use the old puppy eyes routine.

Be yourself, dress as smartly as you normally would for an important occasion but don't wear clothes that are not you. The judge is a time served professional and pays little attention to the cut of your clothes. BUT be clean, well manicured and as tidy as you would be meeting a prospective boss.

Be EARLY not just on time.

Make good eye contact with who ever you are speaking to and use the appropriate words. Your honor to the judge, Sir or Mam to ANY court official or lawyer, even your own.

Do not dwell on the previous lawyer mess up but have a written deposition about the problem to be admitted to the court.

If you were frighten of appearing without a lawyer then SAY that.

Speak slowly, and clearly looking at the person you are addressing but wait two seconds after a question(thinking time) before you give a reply.

Be honest and admit your own shortcomings, judges are human.

Listen to your Lawyer's brief but don't be pushed into using words you are not familiar with. When answering questions use the two seconds to make sure you are answering the question NOT sidetracking or talking about excuses. Judges will respect your directness.

In short; be clean, be clear in speech, be respectful, maintain eye contact, be sincere, don't elaborate and above all be honest.

Dress in a suit and follow your lawyer's advice. There is a reason you're paying him.

I'm a Domestic Violence Victim, I tried to leave with my kids and my abuse had me order back by a judge, I'm trying to get PO and terrified my abuser is going to win me over yet again, I'm facing the judge who ordered me back. He state we got back together and we didn't I had to live with his friend b/c I had no where to go and he lived up stairs.. I have pics recording of him telling me he's going to beat me and kill me. He had beat many time in the passed .. What are my chances of getting a PO? If i don't get one I know he will be back and try to take the girls or hurt me or worse. I'm scared! How do I present my side and prove that I didn't get back with him? My girls and ocupy a room downstairs and my abuser moved out when I got the TRO...

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