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What kind of fine could you get for fleeing from the cops?
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What kind of fine could you get for fleeing from the cops?

my son outran the cops on a bike and the cops took his bike and he ran from them


I think a fine is the least of your worries.

purple rain
prison time..... not a fine!

...depends on the state. In NC you get dragged down to the magistrate -- that's when they catch up with you. They can put you in jail if you're not a first time offender. They can charge you some hefty cash, too.

fleeing and aluding the police is a felony!

you will get up to 1 yr & 1 day in prison..not jail.

It is called felony evasion and you could get 10 years for it.

First of all, what is your son doing running from the police!?! Your son could very likely face jail time for this. What was he thinking? He could have hurt himself, or worse, someone else. What a tard.

mike g
your son is looking at jail time

Dena C
your son running from the police is called avading arrest which can lead to jail time. if he's a minor probably probation but there will be some kind of punishment depending on why he was running. hell i would have ran too!!!!!!! i don't trust cops!

it's a felony called alluding. you can't either be charged a large fine, community service, or jail. depends on why he was running and how serious it really is.

6 months in juvi or mwi

If the bike was a motorcycle, then it's fleeing in a vehicle is a felony in most states. Also the motorcycle can be seized being used in the comission of a crime.

jail time.

He could be looking at jail time now. Running is the never the smart thing to do.. Better to face up to it and deal with it. He may have only gotten a fine or a warning. Now, it's a lot worse for him and it will create a record.

typically that would be resisting arrest, and that would be jail time.

If he gets caught it's a felony-- fleeing and evading an officer, regardless of whether or not he did anything wrong. If a police officer orders you to stop and you don't, it is a crime in and of itself.

Depending on the state we should be talking about possible jail time and probation. Resisting arrest is at the very least a misdemeanor.

depends on what they want to charge him with. if they think he's a punk they could try for juvie. I did once and that wasn't even on the list of charges and i just got probation at 16, one of my friends/ accomplices did a year for the same thing and he didn't run. Depends on your offence, history, and realistically on how much money you have, how you present yourself, go in with some yuppie clothes on and your ok, go in looking like you live in a trailer or the ghetto and you get the worst.

Running from the cops is a crime all of its own.
He could end up in jail just for the running. They don't usually let you off with just a fine if you run.

This dangerous behavior, fleeing indicates guilt to the police. If you are willing to flee, a policeman will naturally believe you will break any other laws, such as assault and react with appropriate force(DEADLY!). Then your child will be on the Evening News. Is this worth it?

lol screw the fine let's talk about jail time.

it's not a fine, it's called a felonly

Vishal D
lol...it wud have been fun running from cops. well if u wud have been in my country u cud have easily got away by bribing...lol

It's not just a fine, but he should secure jail time. I mean, I feel he should go to jail and the law says so too. I don't care if he's a child. You don't run from the police.

as long as they dont know him or know his name he should be fine. if the know his name they will probably issue a warrant for his arrest

sharon B
hard question
fine for fleeing the cops if you are in UK yeah you could get a fine plus community service but any were else think you would find ya self going behind bars

okay everyone says jail or prison time... im in wisconsin why didn't i get jail time or prison time.. and no it was not because i am a female.. i fleed the cops in my car out ran them... they finally caught me and i just had to do a fine. no probabtion or jail time..

I wouldn't worry about the fine, I'd worry about the jail time!

I don't think there is a fine. It's jail time for resisting arrest, I think.

When you say bike do you mean a bicycle or motorbike? Im assuming you met a bicycle but either way, I think it would still be felony fleeing and eluding. Just like how you can get a DUI on a bicycle. Same charges apply even if you're not operating a motor vehicle in many states. If this is his first time getting in trouble with the law then most likely he may not get jail time. Just a fine and probation. Maybe some community service to. Its possible he could get his drivers license ((if he currently has one)) suspended as well. If he ran on a bicycle then he wasn't really endangering the lives of anyone else other than his own. Tho it still all depends on his current background.

ok so i ran from the police last night in my car and they got my plates. I've never been pulled over. i got scared and drove faster. do⦁ you think im still looking at jail time.

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