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What kind of police cars do Police Officers drive?
Find answers to your legal question.

What kind of police cars do Police Officers drive?


They have Chargers and Magmas where I'm from they look pretty nice. We still have a few older Crowns running around and if i got pulled over by one of them i would feel cheated.

Baby Girl Due in August
Our department drives Chevy Impalas and they handle so nice.

My Evil Twin
Google it.

Here where I live in Memphis, Tn they drive the new Dodge Chargers

Right now in So. Cal we drive Crown Vics, still have some left over Chevy caprices but it's looking like the Dodge Charger will be taking over soon, We also drive Those magnum wagons and chevy tahoes

George D
The Ford Crown Victoria is the standard long time cop car.

With an interceptor engine and upgraded suspension, they are a pretty hard car to ditch.

Last time I went to Goodwood I also saw a Ferrari and a Lotus Exige :D

at work or at home? the object of my lust has an 2004 holden commodore ex vicpol pursuit ss v8 with flutes. It is still fitted with the 'police chip'. It was an unmarked police car used by TMG.

before this car he drove a magna.

Alex A
In the UK they drive Vauxhall vetra's. Old and new model.

I'm in Ohio and the police cars are Ford Explorer's, Ford Fusions, and I've seen a few Crown Vic's, I've seen a couple chargers

If you think the police can give you a tip on what kind of good car to buy, I'd laugh. Instead, why not ask the mechanics on this forum? They know more lol

Your name here, cheap.
4 wheels, seats, lights, siren. You know, a cop car.

Panda cars !

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