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What type of jobs are there for convicted felons?
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What type of jobs are there for convicted felons?



Many employers, if you are very forthcoming will attempt to trust you.

My work had a convicted rapist (The rape was statutory, not forceful) and my work hired him, telling him that he could have a job provided that he followed the guidelines of his parole.

Got fired when the police came looking for him because he changed apartments in his same complex and didn't report the move.

Dumb mistake.

It can be difficult. If you stole from an employer, FORGET IT!

Just explain that you got caught up in a bad situation that you regret and that you learned from your experience.

More often than anywhere else, you can find good paying work in construction. Remember, all jobs start at the bottom, both in pay as well as position.

Good Luck!

Oh! Almost forgot. If you fail to reveal this fact and find a good job, it will ALWAYS be out there. Your employer may find out about it. They could fire you immediately, or let you work for 29 and a half years before revealing to you that they found your secret and fire you, with cause, for nondisclosure, forfeiting your retirement.

John G

Society doesn not want you after you've been arrested more than once. My existence became a creative and tortured one early on...

Your probation officer should have a list of jobs that hire convicted felons. Also, why not go to a technical college and find out about a trade to apprentice for. Good luck

Start your own small business. Que clase as long as it is legal. You will find yourself successful. At this point in time do not depend on the society that you have. Lots of them could not understand but I tell you, you can leave without these hypocrites.

Try doing something where they won't necessarily care like construction or kitchen work. I think first you have to establish an honest work pattern/references and also get off of probabtion. If you can, try to learn a skill such as carpentry, etc.

apply for customer service and sales you would get a jobs through there or call this place it called austin diverisfied product 1-800-822-5858 EXT 150 and they would tell you abput the job and they would help you the only thing is that you do have to tavel state too state so if you like to trvel then this job would be for you

Steven C
Fast food.

Adam D
A career coach

Earth w
They are too many programs now in this time, work sources these offices are all over if you live in CA. EDD programs specifically designed to help ex-offenders re-enter the workforce, and your parole officer will provide with some also. To prove you are willing to change enroll in a program like AA or some kind a counseling, do some voluntary, people will give a chance do not give up “if is a will is a way, if is a way is a will “remember that be positive about you will fine a job (did you offer to pay that money) may be will help also tried to have your criminal record sealed or expunge.
remember do not give up and good luck. just keep positive . nothing is forever. now u down you will go up you will see.
there are Only fourteen states have legal standards governing public employers’ consideration of an applicant’s criminal record that require an individualized assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and ability to do the job. These states are: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin. To see an overview of the laws of all fourteen states, click here. Only five of those states – Hawaii, Kansas, New York, and Wisconsin – regulate private employers. Even when it comes to granting licenses for a wide range of occupations, only 21 states have standards that require a “direct,” “rational,” or “reasonable” relationship between the license sought and the applicant’s criminal history to justify the agency’s denial of license, while the other 29 states do not.

I have heard you can work for the red cross...but I'm not 100% on that.

The first thing that you should do is find out if there is any way that you can have your record expunged. This is possible in some states and prohibited in others if you are adjudacated guilty. (such as Florida).
If you find that this is impossible, try to be as up front with the employer as possible, and explain that it was a one time thing. Theft over $300 is a misdemeanor in most states, unless it exceeds $2,500. These can often be expunged, and that is the best possible scenario. As you can see, a criminal record follows you for your entire life.

Try the unemployment office. They can be helpful. Your probation officer may also provide some good sources.

Not everyone does back-ground checks, if asking friends, relatives, neighbors, unemployment, probation officer, etc for good leads on openings doesn't work, perhaps someone can provide a letter of recommendation for you.

If all else fails, I guess you have to lie and hope for the best.

breakfast of champions
for those above, burger king won't hire felons. You need to work for an establishment that is privatly owned. I also have theft and possesion of stolen property from when i was 15. I have battled this my whole life. The only places that would take me is resturants and welding shops. I am currently a contractor. Many of my contractor friends are felons as well. The basic logic is that if i can't find someone to give me a job then i will make my own job. I am now my own boss and make enough to support my family. Good luck. I feel your pain.

What are your skills? What jobs have you done before?

or Burger King, or Wendy's

....yeah thats about it

If you are serious you go to your local state employment office- the place where you file for unemployment checks if you have been laid off. The people there will help. No state wants people to become dependent.
You basically can work anywhere where you are not handling cash or around children. So banks and schools are out. Good luck. Lesson learned? Those job applications are a real drag to fill out- I know the temptation to not tell the truth is very strong.

Delta D
You could be one of Bush's aides.

probably Mcdonalds

I feel for you here because you are trying to start over. But the reality is when you put down that you are a former felon, then an employer is not going to hire you! And then on the other hand, if you do not put it down on your application, the employer will run a background check and find out! I guess you just have to keep trying and hope someone gives you a new start! Good Luck :)


I am pretty sure this is the wrong category for that question.

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