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What will happen if I don't show up to court?
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What will happen if I don't show up to court?

A few months ago I got a ticket for my German Shepherd walking around on my front yard. The ticket says he was "running at large". I haven't had time to go to court for it, and what I'm wondering if I get pulled over by the police for some reason, can they arrest me for not going to court? I haven't gotten a letter yet from the court for not showing up


the Courts are probably backed up - but you probably WILL be hearing from them.

If there's a summons out there for you, technically, they could search you out and I believe arrest you for failure to obey a summons.

I would just go & take care of it & be done with it.....that's your best move.

if the judge issues a bench warrant for not appearing they can and will arrest and hold you take care of it its not worth worrying about.

Yes. They can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Another option would be for them to enter an ex parte judgment and proceed to garnish your wages to pay the fine.

Proud to be an AMERICAN
Yes. In fact, a warrant may have been issued for your arrest already.

Maybe all you can do is contact the court and straighten it out.

There is probably a bench warrant for your arrest for failure to appear and don't worry, they will get a hold of you.

If you continue to not show the court will issue a warrant for ur arrest (for failure to appear). so the answer is, yes.

It depends on the state and local laws - which I don't know, because I don't know who issued the ticket.

In Ohio, failure to pay a parking ticket on time results in a doubling of the fine and issuance of a "Bench Warrant," meaning that they won't come looking for you, but if they pull you over for something else, they'll take you into custody as a "scofflaw."

Call your local county clerk to get clarification for your municipality. (Do it from a payphone, or disposable cell, so that you don't give your location away! You never know...they may be looking for you....watch out! Who's that behind you????)

you can go online to your local clerk of courts office and look it up and see what happened to the case. Check to see if their is a warrant if their is then you can pay what you need to pay. usually they issue a warrant if you don't show upwhen you do go to pay then you will usually have to pay the fine plus late fees and penalty fees plus court cost.

Ya, they may.

It is always best to show up in court and dispute the ticket. Often, just for showing up, the matters are dropped

Darryl L
If you had a court date, and you did not show up, you could possibly be in contempt of court. A quick call to the clerk of court's office, and you can find out, as well as make arrangements to pay the fine.

Betty Boop
They can and will issue a bench warrant for your arrest! Then the fine is doubled and you may have to pay restitution and/or court costs....

East Texan
the Texas cops put a warrant on you if you dont show up. so yea i think you will go to jail.

Theres a warrant out for your arrest now...
A letter? Why would they send you a letter? They told you when and where, if you didnt show up it clearly tells them your position....


If the courts want, they can issue you a warrent for your arrest, for contempt of court.

If you choose not to show up in court to fight those charges, you will be considered guilty by your absence. Unless LA has established prison time as the consequence for having a dog off its leash you will just be fined.

Your in for a bigger fine than you would have had. They take there time, but they'll get ya.

A warrant has been issued and all it takes is someone who is being funny or someone who does not like you to call the police and tell them that there is a warrant out for you and that you are at home or work and they will come out to get you. You will have to leave with the clothes on your back even if they are pajamas.

Take care of your business.

What will happen is if you don't show the judge will issue a bench warrent for your arrest. In most towns if the cops stop you and you have a bench warrent they will take you in. In my town the cops go out a few times a year to arrest outstanding bench warrents. You'd better go if you don't want to end up in jail.


3D Farms
Aknock on your door

my license was suspended for not showing up to court, but that was for traffic issues

This happened to me four years ago in CT.
My dog wasnt on a leash and I forgot to mail the 35 bucks in and was moving and never got the court notices.

Chris J
The judge will put a warrant out for you.

I suggest you call the THE CLERK OF COURTS OFFICE. Find out how to take care of this matter before it dominoes on you. TAKE CARE OF THE MATTER!

You will probably get a higher fine. If you go to court, it may be reduced. I think it all depends on the policy of your state on these matters so it is hard to say what will happen. I don't think there will be any arresting involved.

Tom O
they might take you in for that if they pulled you over, usually they would put out a warrant for someone who misses court, but that's only if the crime is serious, i'm not sure how serious this dog thing is.

anyway...the most you could get is a fine, but if they haven't tried to get a hold of you it must not be that important. i would call as soon as possible to find out.

Nothing going to happen. They just going to your house and kick your ***. That's all.

Dog the bounty hunter will come after you!

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