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What will happen if you're on probation and you leave the state and don't come back?
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What will happen if you're on probation and you leave the state and don't come back?

Say someone lives in Michigan, and they're on probation in a certain county. Then they get in trouble in another county, and knows that if their probation officer from the other county finds out, that they're probably going to jail, for a good amount of time. (this is all misdemeanor probation by the way) What would happen if they left the state and just didn't come back? I have heard that if they stayed gone for 7 years the warrants will go away. Any information anyone can give me about this would be appreciated. thanks!


If I'm not mistaken, you are a fugitive at that point. If you ever get stopped by the police in another state, you'll probably get a free trip back and some new friends that will be happy to greet you and put you up in their place. Why risk it? If it's just misdemeanor, serve out the probation and stop being an ***. That will serve you best in the long run.

As a rule you are not extradited for misdemeanors(too expensive). As a matter of fact misdemeanor warrants are not even entered into the national database accessed by police. This isn't so if you committed a felony, but some jurisdictions won't pay for extradictions on certain felonies. As for it being gone in 7 years, this would involve some research of Michigan law, which you can probably do online.

what if you are a fealon and leave will feds expidite from new york

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