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What would happen if got caught with a fake id?
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What would happen if got caught with a fake id?

2 questions. my friend made me a fake id to get into clubs, not for alchohol or anything bad. just for clubs.

so my questions are:
- what would happen if caught by a bouncer just trying to get in a club?
- how can you tell if an id is fake?


It depends on where you are. Usually, if the club is kind of swanky or has had a history of getting caught for accepting fake IDs, they will be more strict about checking.

From my experience, the bouncer will usually just deny you entrance to the club if he knows your ID is fake. In some extreme cases (this never happened to me) they will take your ID away. Sometimes they'll hand it over to the cops, but usually not because it's really not worth it for them. In most states, the penalty for possession of fake a ID is (if the bouncer bothers to report you, which he probably won't) a fine and/or a phone call home. Not a huge deal, especially if your parents already know about it.

And there are a bunch of ways to tell if an ID is fake. Often times, bouncers will have scanners that they can swipe drivers licenses through to show whether the ID is real or not. These are easy to get past by buying a drivers license from a friend, who will then go and just get a new one for themselves. Another way to get past this is to use an ID that is not a drivers license, like a passport or otherwise.

Also, if all the information except for the date of birth is correct, you should be okay. Height and eye color is a big one that bouncers like to catch. Sometimes, if the month/day is different from your actual date of birth, bouncers will ask for your horoscope. This is because most people would know that they are a Scorpio or Aquarius off the top of their head. If the date on the ID is different, they would be able to tell if you have to think about it.

And finally, if you live in a suburb, bars and clubs are often FAR more strict than if you live in a city or metropolitan area. All my information comes from my personal experience in New York City.

1. A bouncer would deny you entrance to the club. He can't legally do anything, like hold you for the police. But let's say that you try to use your fake ID. And a cop just so happens to be right there. If you got caught, the cop could arrest you for that, and he most likely would.
2. Generally, fake IDs, especially one made by someone besides a professional looks fake. Besides the fact that you will look very young, they're generally sloppy.

Rock Firestorm
Trust me, any ID your friend can "make" will be detected. He can't do teh hologram inside state IDs. Using a fake ID is illegal, you can be fined and it will be on your record forever. Is that something you want showing up on a background check when you become a responsible person some day and try to get a real job? Trust me when I say this, do not do it.

Ps - the person telling you "if the birhtday is correct you will be okay" is probably talking about circa 1980 when you could get away with it. Not today. Again, remember, most people here are simply passing off bad guesses as answers.

Uncle Sanity
If he called the cops, they could arrest you.

If it doesn't look like a license its probably fake.If it does look real, clubs have id scanners that scan the barcode on the back of the ID

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