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What would happen if we DID put a total ban on guns in this country?
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What would happen if we DID put a total ban on guns in this country?

i'm guessing that gun crimes statistics go way, way down and the incidences of murder by some other means goes way, way up...

what say you?...


Dr. John Lott has done extensive research on an armed society and the changes in crime of various types. His studies have proven conclusively that when the citizens might be armed crimes against persons goes down, and conversely when the citizens are not allowed to be armed, crimes against persons goes up. Regardless of methodology, murder rates drop with an armed citizenry and go up when they are defenseless.

His research is available if you would care to study it and then perhaps debate it with facts.

I know there is a group of politicians, they have a long record to prove their stance, that would love nothing more than to use this tragedy as a way to take away our right to defend ourselves. They do not want us armed because they are afraid of an armed citizenry, which is right and the way it should be. We should not have to live our lives without the ability to defend ourselves, living in fear of our government.

In 1976, Washington, D.C., enacted one of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. Since then, the city's murder rate has risen 134 percent.

Over 50% of American households own guns, despite government statistics showing the number is approximately 35%, because guns not listed on any government roll were not counted during the gathering of data.

Evanston, Ill., a Chicago suburb of 75,000 residents, became the largest town to ban handgun ownership in September 1982 but experienced no decline in violent crime.

Among the 15 states with the highest homicide rates, 10 have restrictive or very restrictive gun laws.

20 percent of U.S. homicides occur in four cities with just 6 percent of the population - New York, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C. - and each has a virtual prohibition on private handguns.

lisa n florida
only criminals would have guns

What would happen is all the criminals would have guns and all the law-abiding citizens would be virtually defenseless.

Like the old bumper stickers said-" If guns are outlawed, only outlaws would have guns.

burning brightly
It has not made any great difference in Australia knife deaths are up and guns can still be got if you are in the know.~~

There never will be a ban on guns in this country. It takes away from human rights to bare arms. Yes, its terrible that people get shot so much, especially in Philadelphia, but every gun will never be off the street.

If such a ban came in to place, there would be alot of criminals attacking cops more often to get their guns.

It wont stop the idiots going out and killing people, here in the uk its illega to carry arms but there are still alot of shootings going on almost everyday there is someone killed or injured by guns.
Banning guns will not stop the nutters from getting hold of them by other means

Black Market would be overrun with weapons. Criminals would be armed to the teeth. Defenseless citizens would be subject to drug lords and crime bosses. Murder and mayhem.

lou b
The gun dealers would go underground, street prices would soar and not much else would change.

Probably all but the criminals would give up their guns. And do you know why? Because they are criminals.

tiny b
Russia France and the UK would import smuggled guns in to the usa and make A LOT of money doing it..

Then ONLY the bad guys would have them. People who hunt to suplement food for their families couldn't provide any more. No, no, no, this is not the answer.

Saint Lucipher
only the honest people would give up their guns. As easy as it is for a Mexican or Canadian to walk across the border it would be little more effort to bring guns into the country. You can still get a gun by running over a policeman with your car and taking his weapon.

American Hero
All the criminals in this country would automatically become law-abiding citizens and get rid of their guns.

Criminals would still manage to get guns, or people would make their own. Now the US would be completely defenseless against the outlaws. The saying goes, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will carry guns."

this is where most of america is wrong. most murders the person uses an unregisters, therefore ILLEGAL gun. do you really think that criminals aren't going to get somthing ILLEGAL if they really want it? look at drugs, they are supposedly banned as well, but look how mnay people get a hold of those. the only thing banning guns will do it a.)make guns a black market, which would mean no gun would be registered there for it can't be tracked and b.)criminals would have an easier time because any lawful citizen they prey apon is almost garenteed to be unarmed. banning guns is stupid, why do you think the constitution cleary protects our right to carry? if guns are banned, people should be up in arms. no pun intended.

Edward F
I guess they would have a reason to use the FEMA detention camps, but are they going to have enough people to control us?
Most of us won't just stroll into the showers.

I don't think gun crimes would go down at least not for another 5-10 years after such a law was put into place. Initially the court system would be overrun with illegal gun possesion charges and otherwise good honest people who have guns for protection would be getting fined or arrested for having a gun on their premesis.
That would not be good.

I'd say that guns would become like drugs...people would buy them and carry them illegally. The idea of banning guns in America is not possible...we could only make them more difficult to obtain

It will be a society of the criminal and the police with the guns. It will be a bad society.

Banning guns does not mean that there would be no guns available to those who need them for crime. Hidden guns would come out for the right price.
We tried banning booze- - - it was everywhere. We banned drugs - - - there's loads of it, if you have the money.
It's stupid to make laws that are unenforceable.
I personally know three people who were murdered - - all three were stabbed to death.
Almost all of the Roman leaders were murdered - - guns weren't even invented yet.
Banning guns is like banning crime. Does that mean there's no crime. Hey ! wait a minute, crime is banned, so we have nothing to worry about.

That would be ok, but what about hunting? That is not fair to take that hobby away from people is it? I know, it is not fair for innocent people to lose thier lives as well. There is no easy answer, and it would take years and years to get all of the guns. Would this mean law enforcement would not have guns either?

hard reality dictates that if all guns and such were taken away, there still remains, knives, screw drivers, motor vehicles. rope and on and on.

If guns were taken away, there will soon be another matcho way of murder. Hell, why not try and ban nukes?

If a individual wants to committ murder, there will always be some thing available, to do it with.stopping or banning some thing is a dumm way to go, because a weapon of any kind is always readily available any ware.

Guns are not dangerious, untill they come into a human hands. screw drivers, motor vehicles and such, are not dangerious, untill put into a humans hands.

Whats dangerious, is the human being

I was under the understanding that if a person had a mental condition that a gun was not to be sold to him...someone did not do their job properly?
Total ban: guns would be abundant

The criminals will still have guns to prey on an unarmed defenseless society.

I say that crime would probably go up. Perhaps stay the same except more people would actually be murdered. Criminals will not follow any gun laws. That is why they are called criminals. If you ban guns to the public, the innocent will be left defenseless, while criminals the guns they need to commit a crime. So stupid, ignorant fools like Rosie Odonnel need to use their heads for once. Sure we need to force all states to follow certain laws and practices in selling weapons, be a little more strict in that sense, but we have a right to protect our selves. 911 takes time and is not always available.
Just think of that mall shooting in Utah that happened a few months back. An off duty cop, with a weapons permit, just happened to be there eating with his family in the mall. What if he couldnt carry a weapon? More people would have died.

arms dealing would be bigger than drug dealing

You are correct, this situation has happened in the UK, their murder rate with firearms has dropped dramatically, only to see crime in general sky rocket and police walking around wearing stab proof vests because all the knife attacks.

I've been to the UK and let me tell you it doesn't make you feel any safer, especially when every where you go in London there are closed circuit cameras. My question is if crime is so low why do they need cameras all over the place.

How do you plan to take the guns away from the criminals. If they have the gun illegally, they are not going to turn it in.

I thinking that revolution that people keep talking about would become a reality,.

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