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When american police put out an APB wat does it mean?
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When american police put out an APB wat does it mean?


All Points Bulletin - it means that all points (or police) should pay attention and keep an eye out - usually for a criminal or vehicle or missing person

An APB (All Points Bulletin) or BOLO (Be On the Look Out) are usually verbal alerts to advise any necessary or relevant personnel to be aware of, events, situations, or individuals of interest.

All Points Bullitin

mellissa c
all points bulliton

Denise B
An APB is an all points bulletin. What this means is that something has happened and all law enforcment agencies are to be on the lookout for what ever or whom ever the bulletin is about.

mike g
all points bulletin, means to keep a look out for something. like missing kids, runaways, stolen cars

All Points Bulletin

it's letting everyone know to be on the lookout for some shmuck

APB stands for All Points Bulletin. It goes out to all users.It ensures widest dissemination of the information.

Lacey Lottie
All Persons Bulletin

APB means all points bulletin. This simply means that every police officer keeps a look out for the person or object described in the message.

All Points Bullitin means each patrol car has a picture in the car so they can look out for the person.

All Points Bulletin

all points bulletin, so evryone is aware

it means their all coming for you lol

An APB is an all points bulletin. Often is contains information like a make of car, license plate number or physical description and asks all officers to be on the lookout for people or vehicles matching the description.

another P I S S E D B A S T A R D

Alfred pumps Batman..

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