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When someone dies in a car accident, if they have no family what do the cops do with the $ in their wallet?
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When someone dies in a car accident, if they have no family what do the cops do with the $ in their wallet?


Tom M
All personal Property would be vouchered at the local Police property room. If the property is not claimed Money would go to the State and property would be auctioned or destroyed.

We would all hope that they would give it to the homeless shelters or such but it probably just goes to the state.

curiously strong
usually it will be donated to a charity specified by the state or go into the state coffers.

I don't go through someones wallet unless I need to id them. Once I find their ID, the wallet usually goes back in the victims pocket.

If the wallet contains cash and is found by Law Enforcement it will be impounded. Huge liability if they don't as most people have a wallet on them in a car to hold their license.

Take the cash stash the wallet

In reality, there is a very good chance it will be pocketed by someone on the scene.

Billy M
WHAT MONEY ???????????

it doesn't have to be a car accident; it can be any sudden health or life problem. in my extended family, not a single victim arrived at hospital or morgue with one red cent left to them.

My dad and step mom died from a car accident. His toolbox never did get recovered from the car, it was taken by they think the wrecker driver but no proof. His wallet turned up missing until the police put out the word they were checking everyone who had contact with the accident and the victims, the wallet and the money showed up in a couple of days at my sisters house with no note or explanation.
They normally will turn it into the funeral home who will turn it over to the state and the courts will decide what the money is used for or where it goes, in the event there is no will or any legal documents to rule on.

Leave it there...

They don't keep it if thats what you want to know. The wallet goes where the body goes. Untill a rightful owner comes up.

Dawn M G
Been their in '90' pig co acting partners steal and plan for future thefts. LUVNHUGZ1@yahoo.com

Sadly i have witnessed an event like this in hich the driver was unconcious and the police and ambulance people raidd the car like the somalians in Black Hawk Down

jim ex marine offi,
when no one is looking put the money in their pockets to hell with any living relatives if thet do have some.same way with drug deals they take the drugs and money and often times tell the dealer to get lost he will be happy to oblige, they can always sell the drugs to some one they know who won't rat them off.

Everyone knows they buy donuts.

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