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When the police are raiding a rented property, are the police required to notify the landlord? (USA)?
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When the police are raiding a rented property, are the police required to notify the landlord? (USA)?

In the state of Illinois or otherwise.


No. Raiding any kind of property is a court order (signed by judge); and court orders override all other requirements, if any.

As a Police K-9 Officer in Illinois I can tell you there is no requirement for agencies to contact the owner of the property during a " Lawful " raid.

Such a notification may endanger Law enforcement Officers safety as well as other tenants in the building. The preservation of evidence is also a priority.

Jessica S
No. The police don't make advance announcements about raids.


Check findlaw.com for your state's law. I doubt they have to notify though.

No, all they must have to 'raid' a property is a search warrant signed by a judge. They MUST have a warrant.

This is not a state ordinance, this is a city ordinance. Ask someone at your city police department to explain the raiding proceedures to you. Police have a warrant to search, and they have justifiable cause to come and raid the premises they will do so.

NO. They do not.

As far as I know they do not need to notify the landlord or anyone else when they plan to raid a property. They have no idea what the connection from the landlord to the renter is, they could just be tenants or a relative so they do not notify anyone if they are going to raid any place.

in the state of California the police do not have to tell until after they have done it. then the landlord or owner is required to serve a notice to tenants to vacate the property. otherwise the owner will receive an infraction.

They either need a warrant (they wouldn't have to notify anyone) or they would need to permission of the landlord.

Not in Washington state,

not if it is just cause or they have a warrant

No. If your drug-dealing tenant, in the 3A who also happens to be the only person who pays rent on time and ADDS SPECIAL PERKS is about to be raided, I am sure that you are going to inform him. So me, being the golden-detective is definitely not going to inform you! I will just get my search warrant and prepare for my raise!!!

they do whatever they want they regardless if you want something like that to come up in court expect to be about 10-20 gs out cause that the type of lawyer you gonna need

nope not at all they are not looking 4 him

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