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When the police stop you in your car and tell you to get out of the car?
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When the police stop you in your car and tell you to get out of the car?

,if you have not did anything wrong then you dont ave to go out your car


In the UK you are under no obligation to get out of your car.

It would however be wise to do as requested, because if not the officer would possibly go over your car with a fine tooth comb, or would more likely prosecute you than give a warning if they did come accross some minor offence.

Yes, you are required to exit the vehicle if asked, as are passengers.

It is wise to comply old bean. If you are innocent then you shouldn't have any concerns

Yes, you have to get out of the car when asked to. Whether you feel you have done something wrong or not, the police officer has determined he/she has probable cause for a more investigative inquiry.

i haven't done any thing wrong but if a police man tells me to get out of my car i get out of my car, what kind of role model would i be for my daughter if i was being awkward towards the police there only doing there job x

If you say so...
Well you really should you know cos you can get into more trouble for being uncooperative. I get stopped all the time coming home from work at night and generally I find if you are nice to them they are nice back.

Regardless of what you have or have not done you have to get out when asked by a police officer. If you don't get out when told to it would probably considered obstructing justice.

Edit: I am from Arkansas and for several years we had a "blue light rapist" here pretending to be an officer. We were told that if you feel like you are in an unsafe area you can drive to a "safe" area or the nearest police station before exiting the vehicle.

Even if you have not done something wrong if the police order you out of the car you have to comply; failure to do so is a crime in most states (certainly is in California).

Louis S
Wrong - probable cause can mean anything these days.

I always thought if you where a lone female in the car and you are asked to get out of the car by a plain clothes police you can refuse on safety grounds and ask that the police officer allow you to drive to the nearest police station and they follow you because they could be somebody impersonating a police officer

Yes you do, regardless if you think you have done anything wrong. Your car could match the description of another involved in a Felony Crime, such as Murder, Robbery, Rape or some other Felony, Just do it, do what that ask and how that ask you to do it and you should have no problems

Marc X
Yes, in most states, it's a crime to refuse to follow the lawful order of a police officer. I say 'Lawful' because the cop is going to have to answer for his reason to order you out of the car. No, not to YOU at the time, although he can do so if he chooses. But certainly upon testimony in court, or to his superiors if a complaint is filed. In either case, if it's not justified, it's going to impact his service record, which accounts for promotions, raises, benefits, and even consideration in other reprimands.

No, I don't buy into the old argument, 'well, if you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about.' That's not the point. But I'll argue the violation in the proper venue, which is court, not out on the street

It is really not in your best interest to defy the commands of the police. They can make things very rough on you.

It would help greatly if you said which country or state you're talking about.

with great difficulty i dont have one.

if you are in the states you have the right if you have'nt done anything wrong to refuse , but as the police think they have the right to do anything you will probably be pulled out your car and tazed .

there have been laws past which go against the grain of what america stood for and the police have become ss oficers when there supposed to be there to protect and serve not harrass and order people around .

click on the link shows what the police in the states are really like http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/september2007/210907_b_brutality.htm

It depends on what they stopped you for. If its just a random pullover then unless they have reasonable grounds, then no you don't have to get out. If they do have reasonable grounds, then yes you do have to get out.

as far as i know they have to give you a reason first before telling you to get out of your car.a reason for pulling you over.:)

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