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When you call the cops....?
Find answers to your legal question.

When you call the cops....?

on a noise complaint, what do they tell the guy? I have really annoying neighbours with a bad a** sound system and all I hear is bass coming thru my wall. I went over there 6 or 7 times and politely asked them to turn it down but they didn't get the point, so then I called the landlady which worked for 2 weeks and they were back at it, so the other night I called the cops. Of course I couldn't stand there and listen to what he told them so I was wondering what he said to them. My fear is that he told them what hours it is acceptable to be annoying and as a result they will take advantage knowing I can't call the cops. Anybody know what the standard noise complaint procedure is? Also what happens if I have to call the cops a second or third time?


This is a hard question to answer, because I do not know the law where you live. However in my town, Loud Music is a City Ordinance. The Ordinance state that if the music is audible from 50 feet away from the property line of where the music is being played, then it is in violation. There are no time restrictions. This goes for houses, vehicles. clubs, etc.

As an officer, I respond to calls like this all the time. The first time, I will let them know of the complaint and give them the opportunity to voluntarily comply and turn the music down. If I get called out a second time, I will issue a citation (ticket) for the noise. I will do this several times. I have never had to issue more that two citations to one person.

If for some reason, they do not respond to the citations, Then I will frequently patrol the area. Even if the complainant does not call back again, If I hear the music, I will stop in and issue more citations. At some point, I will stop with the citations and take them to jail for violating a City Ordinance in my presence.

Again like I said, i have never had to issue more than two tickets.

im not exactly sure.....but when ppl throw parties....cops come and tell them that the music is too loud.....and then they turn it off....and there is silence.....and noise is not coming anymore.....and cops go away

Sorry to hear your troubles.. Yes, the noise restrictions do have hours on them, usually it's ok to put the volume up however loud someone wants during the day, it's in the evening that it's not ok.

I'd say you might want to think about moving. :(

Well when you call the police for a noise complaint, it's basically called a "disturbing the peace" call. Your neighbors are disturbing your peace by playing their "bad a** sound system". What the police tell your neighbors is there were some people who had called and complained about the noise. They won't disclose the identity of the caller b/c for the safety of the caller. They don't want the neighbors to come over and kick you a** for calling the police on them. The first contact will just be a warning, and if the problem keeps occurring, the police will probably give them a ticket and a ticket for every single incident afterwards. What you need to do is keep on calling the police every time this occurs b/c if you want to take legal action, all of this is documented by the police (i.e. number of contacts, tickets issued, etc.) so you can use it to your advantage. I'm pretty sure your neighbors will stop after a few contacts with the police.

Depends on the city -if there is an ordinance against excessive/annoying noise.
We don't have one, and people get mad when we tell them that.
Just keep calling the police, but remember to say "This is the third time i call"(or whatever time it is), because shifts change. It may be your fift time, but to dispatch and the officers working it's only the first time.
If all else fails, ask for the watch commander, tell him the situation and he will order the officers to issue a ticket.

Call the police department and ask them the hours the noise ordinance is in affect. They will usually tell the person. But you can still call even though it is outside of those hours.

Get some annoying music of your own and blast it.

Corey T
Buy a shotgun...teach your neighbors some respect

It isn't about times that you can have loud music playing, it's purely about the noise level. There is no "ok" time to play music at a billion decibels....

Basically, in the UK, he/she would be told that they "must turn down their music as it is causing a disturbance to the other residents which is contrary to (insert law) and the excessive noise is contrary to Section 5 of the Public Order Act. Due to the disruption you are being told to turn the disturbance down by police officer (insert name and number) from (insert station). Any further complaints will be dealt with accordingly."

After a police officer has told you that you are in defiance of Section 5 of the POA if you do not stop immediatly you will be arrested, or if you stop but then start up again within a reasonable amount of time.

Or something like that.

First, is there a noise ordinance in your area? I once lived in a small house in the country, I had ENTOMBED "Living Dead" cranked beyond belief, I dont know how long the cop was the the door knocking. I just happened to see him. He warned me. More recently ( in a different town) I called on some dogs that are constantly barking, they (cops) said they cant do anything about it ( no noise ordinace) I suppose its legal to breed with family members in this area also.

Many cities don't have hours for noise ordnances. You can't disturb the peace at any hour with too loud of music or whatnot. For your specific case, just look up your city's police website.

In our town,the second complaint you get a citation and if the judge tells you to stop and you don't then you are in contempt and could be arrested.

Knowing what State or City you are in would be helpful.

Most noise ordinances provide for the "quiet comfort" of others.

Stop down to your local Police Station or Municipal Building and ask for a copy of the current Ordinances pertaining to noise and such. Be prepared to fill out an O.P.R.A. form (Open Public Records Act)
and you will probably pay a nominal fee for the copies, but it will be worth it. When you are armed with FACT, you look better in everyone's eyes.

If you need to, then you can sign a complaint against your neighbors with the knowledge that they are in violation of the law.

I hope it doesn't come to that.

Or (hehe), you could ask to be invited to the party, too! Bring some chips or something. (j/k)

Just tell em that you would like to file a noise complaint and that its a disturbance to you. Good luck. Ive gone thru the same thing.

The standard procedure is generally governed by your city's code. Go to your city's website and research the specifics there. In some cities, excessive noise (including sound amplification systems) may violate the code, regardless of the time of day.

If you pester your landlord and/or the cops enough, they will get tired of the complaints and be more motivated to do what they can to put a stop to the noise. Good luck!

they will get a fine for the noise, and if u call again they will get a bigger fine , sooner or later they won't be able to pay the fine then when u complain again he will be arested

Well I would tell them , I have had a noise complaint several times. I am going to tell you this last time and make a log entry as such and if I have to return, I will impound your stereo for this violation untill court as evidence and cite you for violating our noise ordinance, any questions?

I honestly think that they can fine them for public disturbances. You are in an apartment house? Do you have up/downstairs/other neighbours? Ask them about the noise if they hear anything and if they do ask them if they can call the police or if they can be used as a "witness" so to speak and question them. Keep it up.

Depending on where you live there are noise violations for offenders causing distubances.
In Florida there is a car stereo system violation now being enforced for those playing too loud to where it can be heard from a certain distance away. I have neighbors who both play there stereo loud and there low rider with the system as well. I have called the police but now they have gotten quite tricky. They will play for 15 minutes or so straight, rattling my floors and windows and I live across the street from them.
But they no longer do so long enough for the police to come to catch them as I have called in the past.
The only thing you can do is continue to make complaints and call the police department or MOVE which for me is not a current option and might not be to you as well, but enough pressure from police and the land lord might try to get them to move.
I do know in my area it is unacceptable at any time to be a public disturbance by being so loud as to affect those around you.
If you continue to have to call maybe they will get fined for disturbing the peace.
You can also check your county's policy online and possibly fill out a formal complaint ont he internet depending on what is available in your area by internet.

Keep calling each and every time they disturb your peace. Make sure to document the day & time you called.. Generally it would be from 11pm to 6am but that could vary

yup if u tell em. n u mean it they will take care of it no problem

I feel for you. I've had to deal with that situation before myself. There is very little you can do except move. Sorry.

I imagine that they told them to turn down the volume if it was in violation of local noise ordinances. Most likely he did inform your neighbor of the time constraints on the ordinances. He was probably given a small fine. With each successive violation, atleast in my area, the fines increase.

Did you try fighting fire with fire? 5000 watts of yodeling music at 2am would do nicely.

Improve your own life by making $ and moving to a nice place where there's not much noise...till then cotton in the ears will relieve conflict...

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