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Who can help if my estranged husband kidnaps our children and the police wont help?
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Who can help if my estranged husband kidnaps our children and the police wont help?


A lawyer.

opus dei
Hire an attorney

Are there custody papers? If not, its just that the kids are with dad.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. You two are still legally married. You can hire an attorney and fight for custody of the child. If you are granted custody he will be charged with kidnapping. This is going to be a long process so have patience. To add to this I am now divorced and I am sole conservator of my son. My ex-husband still takes my child from daycare and wont return him for days and the police, FBI, courts no one will help me. Money talks and so do attorneys for you!!!

Tiea H
Get a lawyer and file for sole custody.


Montana Man
the FBI, but why wouldn't the police help?

Your managers favorite manager!
Get a lawyer and call the courts.

The court

Cody L
umm hire a detective to find him and the police wil help unless there are no custody papers then technically he hasn't done anything wrong

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.

Quite how a Dad can Kidnap his own children is beyond me, maybe you just aren't telling the truth.

If you had sole custody you would describe them as "your" children.

If you have not even been to court to decide such matters then you have no more right to have the children than he does. You can bleat and scream about that as much as you like.

If you don't like it, hire a solicitor, go to court, get a divorce and get custody sorted

When you say Kidnap, I would assume you have gone through the legal channels to attain full legal custody of the children, and their father either has none or strict times when he can have them. Without this, its not kidnap, its dad looking after his kids and a civil matter. Nothing to do with the police unless you can show they would be at serious harm staying with him. However, if you 'make out' that they are at serious harm and the police go round to check and find them to be perfectly ok, with clothes, food, going to school etc, then don't expect a friendly response. The police will not just remove them from one parent on the say so of another. Only with proof of custody will they do this. Don't use your kids to get back at your ex husband. You may not like him anymore but he's still the kids dad and its up to the both of you to act like adults over it and come to a suitable arrangement regarding your children.

Without a court order your husband is not kidnapping...therefore the police will not help. They only have an interest in the welfare of the children, if there is no court order, they will leave the kids with the father.


You need custody papers or some kind of court order to say who the kids should be with, then you can prove that dad's kidnapped them. Also if they're over 16, they are normally allowed to decide who to live with. If you think your ex-husband is likely to do this, tell the police so they've got a record of problems between you. If police don't help and he does kidnap them, get a lawyer involved or contact the Police Complaints Commission.

Proud Mama of 4
If you have an agreement in place, your ex can't take your kids. That's abduction.

I am sorry to say but the police wont help. You will have to go through the courts and try to get custody. If you are married you both have rights and if he wants to leave with them and there is no custody order then he can.

The court. You need a custody decree for the cops to enforce

The police will help when you have custody papers from the court. It is not kidnapping when you have no custody papers. It is a civil matter and you have to go to court first to get custody then the police will help.

It depends what the custody order says... you do have a custody order don't you?

ok no matter what the police has to help.. no matter what...and if they refuse to help you out... you can either do two things.... one you can take them to court.. and two. you can wirte a letter to the city.... but like i said the police has to help...

With something this serious... you should elaborate more. I know its strange to put the details.. but we really need to know WHY the police are not helping. If you would do that... we would be glad to help... but you should fill us in more.

The Police have got to investigate.

This is not a Civil Offence.

If you have been granted custody, it is as you say a Kidnap.

Start making an official complaint.

first who has the legal rights/ if you do and he doesn't then the police had better help! take it to court and pray! pray for Jesus protection on your kids and that he will do justice. find out what your rights are in this situation then act. but don't do anything stupid. you might jeopardize your chance of getting your kids back. Good luck and God bless!

If the police will not help, then they are considering the case not to be kidnapping.

Jason B
Kidnapping is a federal offense and the FBI is automatically involved.

Why wont the police help?

My suggestion to you would be to hire a lawyer and start the ball rolling on getting sole custody. I believe (I'm not sure! again, check with a lawyer) that if he refuses to show, the kids are yours. Then the police are legally bound to help you.

Also, if you have JOINT custody, then you still have a right to see your children based on the agreement.

My suggestion to you would be to consult a lawyer immediately... he or she can direct you how to pursue this further. Perhaps even a private detective could help you.

Good luck... and I really meant that

Natalie Cd
If there is no order from a court that gives you the sole right of access to the child then the father is equal to you, he can take his child anywhere he likes, thats why the police wont help you however, you do have the right to take the child back providing he has not got a custody order.

Its not kidnap as no order has been made.

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