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Why are police officers getting such a bad rap. Is it burn out?
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Why are police officers getting such a bad rap. Is it burn out?

Just by reading some of the questions posted here I am getting the impression that our finest are not being paid their due. Why so negative? They are only doing a job the best they know how with what they are given. How many think officers should get more comp time from their jobs to prevent burn out? And how many peeps think communities would benefit if elementary schools would allow an officer to visit so that youngsters have a more positve view of our finest?


I think it's all the negative videos that surface, plus, everyone has met a cop with an attitude. I think people generalize too much. There are definitely more good cops than bad ones.

You have got to be kidding. Right?

They, like most groups that get a bad rap, get it because of the relatively few bad ones. It isn't likely that someone spreads the word that a cop did something right, but if a cop does something bad, word spreads quickly and all cops get that negative attention. Honestly, having cops come into elementary schools doesn't seem to affect anything. All of our schools where I live have around 2 cops patrol the school, inside and out, during school hours and the kids don't pay any attention to them. When kids get into late middle school and high school here they, in general, start to resent the presence of cops. Well, the barbed wire, drug dogs, and bag/locker searches don't help either. I can't say they aren't helping though. The cops aren't actually doing anything here, it's just their presence that matters, but they are getting a bad rep amongst the kids while helping. That's how it has been since a bit before I graduated here at least.

There are a lot of times I have heard of or seen/experienced cops doing illegal activities or something stupid, and that gives them a bad rap amongst people out of school. For instance, on three separate occasions in two different cites, I have been told I look suspicious while walking down the street and that they need to search me. They were doing so illegally, the chief of police confirmed that. So they might be doing their job the best way they know how, but they don't always know how to do their job. I've had plenty of other experiences with cops, and they are rarely good ones, and I was usually not doing anything, so that is why they get bad rap with adults/young adults.

Sam X9
Only those with criminal inclination and intent dislikes police officers. Majority, still respected the ranks and files and cooperates with them.

Ok I have a member of my family who is in law inforcement and lets just say there is a very egotistical and hypocritical vein with him and his department.His kids are perfect.His kids are the preachers kids if you know what I mean also Ive seen our finest break laws all the time and do they give themselves tickets?No of course not.Come on dont vow to uphold the law then give your kids beer.The public has eyes and the kids brag about that kind of stuff.It makes you lose respect.If there are good police out there then of course they do deserve our respect its just they are so few and far between.Thats why good ones get burnt out. so many bad ones.

phillip is EXACTLY right, I fear and lothe police,i do not drink ,smoke do drugs or steal but neither do i make much money so losing almost 2 days pay for not wearing my seat belt kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth and i cheer whenever i hear of a cop getting killed or busted!

Because of fewer services and more of error finding on their side to the citizen concern.

I think officers should get more comp..Plus they should get paid more for all the crap they have to put up with..
I think that would be a good idea for officers to visit the elementary schools..Atleast the kids can talk to the officers and the officers could talk about safety..

S h √§ r k G √Ľ m b √≤
"Just doing their job" has been used to justify quite a bit. The problem is that the sort of people who want to be police officers most of the time are the absolute worst people to allow to do so. Not too bright thugs who feel the need to hide behind a badge and gun instead of making an honest living. Communities would benefit if these sort of people were prevented from becoming police officers.

I find either people appreciate cops, or they don't. It's a personal bias or deep down judgement on the role they play, that's all...

I wonder if its about fifty-fifty, half of people appreciating cops and half not?

The endless parade of the dregs of soceity

Ha! Cops get such a bad rap cause they are squeezing Joe Schmoe's nuts everyday. They are sneaky and underhanded. They don't have you, your rights and your family in mind. They get a bad rap cause Jim is late for work and gets pulled over for going 75 on the highway so that Officer Pete can meet his quota and the cops can get new rims on their patrol cars.

People don't like cops cause they represent everything bad. They are either arresting some killer on the loose which scares you, or they are in your face POLICING you and making your balls float in your stomach somewhere.

Bubba Ho-Tepppppp
I had a cop come to my school when I was a kid to speak to us. He acted like an ***.

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