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Why are the men in suits and dark sunglasses following me?
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Why are the men in suits and dark sunglasses following me?


You need to check this out my brother...


Virgin Islands Girl
What have you done? Or do you look like someone you don't know?


run brother run and never turn around if your life has downs then change them around lol

We were NOT following you. We just happened to be going the exact same places you were going, just five seconds later.

-Agent X

P.S. - Do the dark glasses work, or do you think I should switch to mirrored?

ive got the same motha f*****s following me! just dont let em catch you! bad things happen when they catch you...

*nervously looks around for guys in suits*

R u a criminal??

mike g
the question is what did you do wrong?

Its NGIC, they've been monitoring you and now they are moving in.

what did you do what ever it is run

you are being investigated........♥

Please renew your Earth passport. MIB is on trail.

I know and most of the people answering know, but we won't tell you

Don't worry, it's probably only the cops...

But if they look Sicilian run like hell...

Maybe its just the acid. You'll be grand once its worn off, I promise

Mr. Hendricks
You know why!

It might be the Men in Black. What planet are you originally from? ;-)

What did you do??? I would just keep on moving or either stop them and ask why????

Sorry , it's women in black ( can't you tell the difference yet?) We are not following you, you're just in the way!

You are absolutely silly! You might be from Des Moines but the rest is completely created for comedy effect. You have an interesting sense of humor. Peace.

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