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Why cops do have nothing better to do but harass people?
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Why cops do have nothing better to do but harass people?

i was driving dont the road not speeding or anything cop siting at a light. i saw he was about a mile from then he turns right when i pass. why because im black come on i dont even smoke i have a wife and kids. they eat at my job all the time i just dont understand


Another DWB story - give it a break So you got stopped, what happened? Did you get a summons? Did he let you go?

Maybe he wanted to give you an Obama pin?

Enough of this already - conspiracists and myth mongers alike. Grow up take responsibility. And if you are a guy, at least make your avatar reflect you, not a woman’s.

The so-called mex-cop - uh yeah we buy that story.

*sigh* boy this sounds like half of the story.........

~Wingnut Extrodinar~
Are you serious...

Do you think all we have to do is harass people?
The fact that you are of ethnic decent means nothing to us!

Most officers are oblivious to color!
There are just as many moronic white people as there are white...gray...purple..yellow and orange with green polka dots....

God God...quit using your color as crutch....

Mullah Obama
Don't blame the cops, blame the fact that black males while less than 14% of total population comitt over 50% of murder and rape in this country. If you could just get all the bangers and their enablers/supporters to fix themselves, then cops wouldn't look at all of you as criminals.

Um, did it even occur to you that at the exact moment that you and that giant chip on your shoulder were driving down the road doing nothing, that the big bad officer suddenly was dispatched on a call for service that required him to use the same road you were traveling on at the same time you were traveling on it? MY GOD get over yourself! It is not all about you and I feel sorry for you that you have so little self esteem that you have to fall back on that tired old race card. How boring.

Did he pull you over? Did he drag you out of the car and smack you around a little bit? I don't think your situation is a case of harassment I think you were a little bit paranoid.

Stop using your color as a cop out...pardon the pun. I get pulled over all the time, because I speed, talk on my phone, and don't come to full stops, not because of my skin color.

the last H is for Hilariously

Maybe because he knew you were a white poster posing as a black person on yahoo

Okay, how did he harass you? I just don't understand.

Michigan Cop
I guess I don't understand any of this. Where did he harass you? I drive about 130 miles a shift. During that 130 miles of driving, I usually encounter cars on the road, some are even going the same way that I am. I may run the plate on the car in front of me, I may just follow it to see if they are driving drunk. I may just tuck in behind them and shoot radar at the cars coming at me.

I don't follow them because of their skin color. I don't have time and that isn't a crime. I only have 12 hours to find all the crime in my township that I can. That is what they pay me to do.

It IS normal to be nervous if you have a patrol car following you. Heck, most cops are nervous off duty with a patrol car behind them. Again: It's normal. But don't confuse that with harassment.

Trust me, if cops didn't like you, they would not eat where you work. 'nuff said!

Bill C
You upset because a cop turned on a road you were on. Man you should have been in Birmingham in the 1960's. Grow up and be thankful he didn't stop you and turn his dog loose on you for no good reason.

Relax dude, I feel your discouragement. Don't take it personal at least you wasn't arrested and detained for no reason what so ever. Laugh it him, smile act white when he approach your vehicle that would get back at him.

Play with him. Tell him what did I do now?

Stereotyping. You know just as well as I do that a lot of black males have run ins with the law. Profiling. Its not right but those pigs have their own agenda.

Because you black and gay !!!!

Charlie D
Actually cops DO have better things to do than harass people-
But where's the fun in going after criminals, when law-abiding citizens take their sh*t so much better?

MMMMM,,, Does it really? Or Maybe once the officer runs the Plate and Driving License Ids he ,, will see if the individual has a record history then right there and then he decides ,(this one is a candidate ,,, to be Search? Does the plate says Search Me? when you see this plate number? Believe me some Wierd ,,with these office ,,constantly stop ,,the same individual .

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