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Why do Massachusetts state troopers wear those funny hats?
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Why do Massachusetts state troopers wear those funny hats?


Another Way to See it
So when they pull you over, they can smack your passenger for laffing at them and then come around and give you the ticket. When you sign it, they smack you too, "You were thinking it too"

Obamas Shoes
Have you seen their pants? They are like riding pants all puffy up top.

Bitter Half
barney likes them.

lone butcher Spartan remembers
It's because wearing a hat is a symbol of his authority. And, believe it or not, wearing a hat makes him more intimidating and makes whoever he is in contact with more likely to follow orders.
And also because "Smokey Bear" hats are just plain cool.

Shin Chan
same reason Illinois state troopers do

All state troopers where those hats. I know, don't they look gay? It makes them feel more honored, I guess.

And those pants......so funny.

Ed J
Because that is what the Commonwealth issues them.

Next question.

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