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Why do people drive with their high beams?
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Why do people drive with their high beams?

people blind you with their high beams do they not relaize how dangerous it is


You are so right. They are blinding. I it is not foggy they should not be using them. And if they do need them to see then in my opinion they should not be driving.

Max B
For some their headlights are just misaligned and need to be adjusted, for others well, they're just idiots.

I have no idea, but it irritates me too.

Most don’t know that they have their high beams on. Some can’t see at night and put there high-beans on to see and others are just thoughtless.

THEY ARE STUPID!!! I hate it too,

Some do not realize they are on, others are inconsiderate. In our state it is against the law driving in city with hi-beams on. People do not use them for what they were intended for

They drive that way because on a dark road you can see better with the high beams on. You are supposed to turn them off when a car is in front of you or coming at you, but some people forget that they are on. Give them a little flash of your high beams and they will remember and turn them off.

they're just *** holes. also people with ultra-bright fog lights when there is NO FOG.

thats just it they dont know they are doing it

well if you have 1 hand on the steering wheel, and 1 hand on the cell phone.... how are you gonna dim your lights? women should have 3 arms. well, i take that back, they would be changing the radio station and i would still be blind.
seriously, the worst thing you could do is turn your high beams on the person who is blinding you. think about it, then you have 2 cars traveling at 55 m.p.h. and neither one can see anything. if someone is blinding you, just slow down and move as far right as possible.

I ask myself the same question every morning when I drive to work. These people cant seem to realize that they are blinding the rest of us and cause dangerous driving conditions for the rest of the drivers. They are inconsiderate. At times I wish I could just get on their faces and put my high beams directly on their eyes to blind them as well. Maybe then will they realize how dangerous they make it for the rest of us. GREAT question!

Non-Compassionate Liberal
They're spying on you. It's a conservative conspiracy.

I drive a 2001 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner and my lights are very bright. Every night I go out at least 2 cars flash me to warn me my high beams are on. I got so tired of it I started flashing my high beams at them.

High beams are meant to be used. You can see a lot farther with high beams than low, and it is a lot safer to use high beams especially on a winding road. The problem is not the high beams. You should identify the problem correctly instead of just implying that the danger is in driving with high beams, which is NOT the problem at all.

The problem is with people. The problem is ALWAYS with people. People are dangerous, NOT the high beams. Until you get this stright there is no point in discussing the issue beyond this point.

It's usualy Redneck A$$ holes with big trucks or truckers. No they are too stupid to figure out that that is dangerous.

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