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Why do people get 200 year prison sentences?
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Why do people get 200 year prison sentences?

Why do people get prison sentences for 200 years, or ones of this length, when no one really even lives this long?


One underlying reason is that they're telling the parole board that this person should not be paroled.

The sentencing law provides the length of sentence and when multiple crimes occurs the sentence can be consecutive or concurrent. Consecutive sentences means one person must complete the sentence for one crime before starting the sentence for the second crime. IF they committed several crimes it can end up being over 200 years.

A to the T
why do people do the stupid stuff to get 200 yr sentence...if your that stupid you should be sent to the electric chair instead of rotting away in jail taking up our tax dollars getting fed

danielle p
Because with good behavior , 200 years winds up being 11 years actual served . Thank a liberal .

Dog Lover
Exactly.......... it is to make sure that they never get out of prison for time served or probation / parole.

It is done in cases where the death penalty can not be given.

Because they are eligible for parole within 25-50 years - depending on state laws (no federal parole so that sentence is basically life without parole).

Life without parole

From what I have heard from lawyers its to show that they should not be paroled the sentence even if cut for good behavior is still over the life span of a human. The 200 years shows how violent the person was in the commission of their crime and the punishment must match it.

Cause the wimpy liberals don't want to give multi murdering people the death sentence these days. They don't seem to mind that those people die in prison after being there a long time but we can't give them a quick death. One thing it proves, the liberals would rather the inmates have boyfriends for as long as they are in prison.

Like most said, the only way to get this is with multiple convictions for multiple offenses/charges. I know someone that is serving 4 consecutive sentences, all 4-10 years. He's been paroled on the first sentence. Once that happens, he begins serving the next sentence. and so on...

Because it takes a lot longer to come up for parole.

Given a choice I'd say prison serves one or more of 3distinct functions. Reform, Retribution, Removal. Decide upfront which you think each person deserves. Make these facilities separate with extremely limited contact between. The punishment prison should be a work house which cares for the needs of the other two and is a miserable place to be. The reform prison separates people from distractions of normal life while they are shone a better way of life. As for removal. A small room attached to the crematorium will do. The burden of leadership is that you have to do the unpleasant jobs too. You can't just put people in prison and say you removed them from society. Those people will have a horrendous effect on the prisoners who will get out of prison. Sometimes the hardest choice is the best choice.

because someone is to limp wristed to give a death penalty

There can be several reasons but a big one is that they were found guilty on several different counts and each count carried a certain number of years.

So there's no chance of them ever getting out.

Good question!

It makes it tougher for the guy to get time off and a shortened sentence, for good behavior

Because people are stupid.

Just in case they live that long, they will come out frail but somehow still be a menace to society.

Liberals don't agree with the death sentence because the law isn't always perfect and sometimes innocent people are put to death. Sometimes this isn't found out for years and after forensics figures out the person is innocent the person is dead. Most liberals could give a shit about mass murderers and whether they live or die. We just don't want innocent people to die because of human error.

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