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Why do police officers break the law they swore to uphold ?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why do police officers break the law they swore to uphold ?

What makes them do it ?


Why do you change your ID to ask the same question that's been asked over, and over again?.

Because they are only human just as the rest of us are. They're just held to much higher standards then we are. If we break the law, oh well, our bad but if they break the law it's all over the news, their jobs are at stake and their reputations are in ruins. Obviously the should not break the law but no one else should either.

A Policeman is a human too, vulnerable enough to do all things done by a non-policeman. Afterall the police service is a profession for him, with all sorts of laws surrounding his life and often involuntarily he escapes it by breaking the rules most innocently like any other person, he his noticed faster, because of his uniform and status!

Nobodies perfect, people are people. When you see some of the stuff these cops see, your bound to have a few bad apples. Some cops do it cause they think they can get away with it, the "bad cops" that give all the other cops a bad name. It doesnt help that its all over the news whenever something happens involving crooked cops, so than everyone's opinion changes about all cops in general. Most of them are just trying to do their jobs, so show a little respect and dont go around thinking that all of them break the law, cause its only a select few.

Farron T
Because police officers are human beings too?

Every person here on earth is human and being human, one is subject to weaknesses and failures. Policemen are also human. When they break the law, perhaps they do not intend to do so but their weaknesses pull them down. Saying so, I do not condone to their breaking of the law. What I could say is: 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!'

not all police officers do this -please don't generalize.

The same thing that makes non-police officers do it - some people will break the law if they feel the reward is great enough and the risk is small enough. Police officers are people, too, and we get some bad apples just like any other profession gets some bad apples.
Some doctors kill. Some ministers sin. Some accountants fudge the numbers. Some criminals snitch. Some athletes cheat. It happens in the police force, too.

I won't sit here and try to tell you, "No you're wrong, all police officers are perfect!"

What I will tell you, however, is that law enforcement officers are heavily stereotyped based on just a few bad incidents. Police officers are generally honest and law abiding citizens just like most of the rest of the population, but the image created by just a few affects them all.

Try to find some hard facts before making the assumption that all police are bad next time.

Mary Ann
If you want a cop that will be unwaivering in it's application of the law. Then look toward the future when Cops are replaced by Robots......I recommend the ED209 series. http://tavisharts.kamiki.net/fanart/ed%20209.jpg

or maybe we can get a human cop who won't waiver from the law, someone like JUDGE DREDD:

Herman Ferguson: [Dredd is charging Fergie for tampering and hiding in a maintance robot, which Fergie uses to flee the block war at Heavenly Haven] 5 years? But I had to! They were killing each other in there!

Judge Dredd: You could have gone out the window.

Herman Ferguson: We're 40 floors up! That would have been suicide!

Judge Dredd: Maybe, but it's legal.

Everybody is not perfect. Police officers are not robots. They act like me and you. The departments try and pick the best people for the job but believe it or not that sometimes some slip through the crack and get hired.

Because they can do and will

Law Enforcement Priorities??

Since everyone on this site is so gung-ho Law Enforcement (makes sense because it's questions about Law Enforcement), I will tell my story--aren't you lucky.

I was at a 4-way stop last weekend at 6:30 a.m., no one was around (well, there was a trap set up on the opposite road with a camera). I usually come to a complete stop but because it was a 4-way stop and I was the only one at it, 6:30 a.m. in my tiny town, I apparently didn't come to a "complete" stop. The officer pulled me over, (I actually thought I was pulling over to let him pass by) charged me a huge amount and at the same time my house was getting robbed.

On my way back home I was driving through construction & an officer behind me must have got upset I was actually going 25mph, passed me up where there was technically no passing lane. I thought surely he must be after someone. No, he filed behind the rest of the left turners and proceeded out of that area to drive down the highway along with the other traffic.

Had there been even a 2nd car, I definitely would have stopped. This was an easy way to get $ when the risk was low. The items taken from my home down the road at the same time exceeded $3,000K. As a citizen, I would have respected the officer more had he been patrolling the neighborhood possibly preventing a real crime instead of catching the sole car at a 4-way stop not coming to what he defined to me as a full stop. (I saw the tape, it wasn't a stop you could count to 3 with--but it wasn't as bad as he made me think it was).

what makes them do it? Oh, that is the head boss/evil crime lord/demon that all police officers have talking to them in their heads, telling them to be good/do bad/drive fast/eat donuts...right? Because the only people who should answer for breaking their vows/solemn promises/rules are police officers. Try taking the plank out of your eye before you ask about the next splinter in someone else's.
You sir, are an idiot.

who did what where and did you report them this is to generic a question are you talking about them speeding or taking bribes or running drugs or what. If you know of a Police Officer breaking the law then you need to report it so they can face the same justice we do

it easy to go bad believe me put your self in there shoes

they are human

A profession does not limit the mind of a criminal. Some people are able to hide it throught the strenuous tests to become police officers, others have life changing moments that blur their clarity and cause them to break the law. Some people just plain don't think before they do it no matter whether it is a police officer, a judge, or even a janitor for that matter..............

everyone breaks the law and one point or another

Quite simply, becaue they can get away with it.

Its a very stressful job.

Steven C
some go bad most of us are good. i even speed a bit over like 5 or 6 mph but that is breaking the law still

Blue Steel & Lace
What you need to do, is contact every single officer that ever broke the law, and ask them.
Then you can write it all down, and have the real answers.

Because deep down they are CORRUPT, and shold never have been accepted into the police force.

Which law are you referring to and what officers?

I can tell you, because I am a police officer, that everyone breaks the law in some form or another. And what I am talking about is things like not wearing a seatbelt, or exceeding the speed limit, etc..... I can promise you though, that I am not out drinking and driving, doing drive by shootings, smoking crack, or robbing banks. The question should be, why do people break the law? Stop bashing the police because it won't get you anywhere.

Which police officers?

Police are just the same as we are. There is know difference. Certain ones will show up to work drunk, show up late, have a bad day whatever. To me we pay there freakin way so they are a civil servant and should be pleasant and curtious to all of us. And some times as in the case of the real lindsay lohan they are looking for a little piece of fame and that may mean an unsuspecting celebrity will be the victim. Most of them are under trained and not equipped mentally or physically with to deal with the job they are given

Becuase they do drugs tooo.....

Police officers are above the laws that govern the common person.

Because They are more likely to get away with it. And Yes all Cops do break the law, it's called Speeding. I can't drive down the highway at 80 thinking it's okay. Even if I do have Flashing lights, and a siren. Then that would be impersonating an Officer.

There is 2 sides to the law, and if your not in it. your a suspect.

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