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Why do prisoners wear orange jump suits instead of other colors?
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Why do prisoners wear orange jump suits instead of other colors?

Why orange?
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Most jails don't always have the same color scheme. They have different color as to Identify them as either a felon or a misdemeanor. They use Orange, red green, Grey,tan and all the stripes uniforms with same colors as well, my favorite is the black and white...

It sticks out more if they escape.

It's like a highlighter color, they can see them running away.

Ron Burgundy
easy to see

So they'll stand out! No duh!

They are really bright and easy to see. No one would think a guy in an orange suit is just a regular civi.

I think because it's a very visible color.

Because the government wants to make them feel like an astronaut. :)

the easier to spot them ...

Because then they stand out more if they run away, but I think you already knew that one....

orange sticks out and its easier to catch or get a run away! If it was black or puple you wouldn't beable to see them good at night, makeing it easier to escape and if it were white or brownish, it could be diifficult to see in the daytime, making it easier to escape!

quite simply, orange is noticeable.
prevents escapes, altercations, disorder etc...

NovacaineNadine Anti-Miley&Jonas
sticks out more if they try to escape. and its the easyiest bright color to mass produce

Megumi H
It's a distinctive, ugly colored suit. People can spot them from far away. It's demeaning, and probably they just like the color =D

not all prisons use orange. there are other colors, white and blue for example. its just a uniform and a way to control them and make them easy to spot over guards and civilians

In case they run away they are easy to spot.

cclover _
When they run it provides a visible moving target..

if they were to escape people could easily see them and call the cops to come and get them

and since they broke the law..to humiliate them!!!

black and white stripes make some people dizzy. Orange jump suits is a dead give away.

gunhappy heretic
Because orange goes good with any hair or eye color. I would prefer a chartreuse or lime.

Because orange is the new black. It all revolves around the fashion world.

If you're talking about prisoners being held by Americans, it's just the standard product they purchase. I have, however, seen pictures from Guantanamo where they were wearing red jumpsuits.

The reason you see the orange jumpsuit is that it is used for transport. Their regular prison uniform may be different. In order to ensure that no contraband is being carried, prisoners are put in the jumpsuits when moved from one facility to another. Trust me; I was in prison for 2 years. I had a green uniform but they gave me the orange jumpsuit from time to time.

Don't really know, but I know a prison in Texas, the prisoners wear pink

Because orange jumpsuits are very flatering.
Its pretty hott I would say.
The cops probably think so too

I dunno...when I was down we had the jumpers but wore sweats and a t-shirt underneath...

Old Guy
The people in the prison system are trying to teach the prisoners the value of getting an education. Because criminals are dumb (they get caught) the people in the prison system use a color coding system to try to get the message across to them. They make the jump suits the same color as the school buses.

That's TV. My local one has convicts wear blue jumpsuits.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is pretty famous for making prisoners wear pink, even in their underwear!

Mr. Goodhi
Some cops are hunters too & that's the color they wear so they don't get shot at.

TopEST Contributor
why not wear orange?

Mahal, LAK P.S.
Most criminals are liberals, and criminalogists have discovered that when they're dressed to look like Mao supporters, they relax.

mexican leona
not all prisoners wear orange color jump suits, only the ones that are consider high risk.

why assume anybody wearing orange is con. so if im a criminal and wanted to escape ill wear orange, of course not. im wearing pink.

why assume anybody wearing orange is con. so if im a criminal and wanted to escape ill wear orange, of course not. im wearing pink.

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