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Why do the police always put their hand on top of a prisoners head when they are getting into a car?
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Why do the police always put their hand on top of a prisoners head when they are getting into a car?


To stop them banging it and claiming the police did it later.

just to stop them hittting their heads against the side of the car,

so you dont whack your head on the car door frame.

So the prisoner doesn't hit his head on the car while getting in.

To stop them banging their head on the top of the car

lea n jase
so they don't bang their heads and knock some sence into them.
Also if they harm themselves then most likely try to get compensation

so they wont bump their head when they are getting into the car!

Smoochy Poochy
so they can't bang it an complain of police brutality.

joan k
So they don't bang their heads and then try to sue the Police

To stop the person from getting a self inflicted injury?
Also, if you have ever been cuffed behind the back, your balance is altered, so to ensure you do not hurt yourself, by self injury, or accident, we assist you getting into the patrol vehicles back seat.

It is protocol..if you don't like it then don't get arrested.

Bobby Doughnut
I thought it was to see what hair gel they use, or its just to mess up the crooks hairstyle. "Its okay officer, I've got fructis ultra putty to reconstruct my style."

Nobody in law enforcement wants to admit it but it's really a Zen thing. All cops are taught in the academy that people have a zen aura that surrounds their body, and the path to body Zen Zone is the top of the head. In order to determine the power and strength of an arrestee cops will test their Zen aura by placing their hand of top of a suspects head; this technique also allows the cop to absorb the suspect's Zen and thereby make cop's Zen stronger. It's a hard concept for civilians to understand but every cop knows about. In fact, cops take a blood oath while they're in the academy that they will never talk about the Zen Zone in public or they can be fired. I'm sharing this information because I'm retired and I don't care anymore.

I've always wondered that myself.....I guess it is so they won't bang their heads....but I don't think the police are being nice....its so that the prisoners won't say the police banged them on the head!!

They are giving them the blessing.

stainless steven
to prevent them "shooting upwards"

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