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Why don't people respect security officers?
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Why don't people respect security officers?

I'm a security officer pursuing Law Enforcement and I'm just interested in why most people could care less about us? Police officers too I guess, but more so security officers (guards). Is it the fact that we don't go through such an extensive training as police officers, security officers are denoted as being lazy and fat, or is it something completely different?
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Law Enforcement & Police are as close to my question then any other category. Sorry if it 'offends' you.


From a police officers point of view I feel it is like this partly because of the way some security guards act. Some are lazy, some think they are the police and get involved in activity that is not part of their job. When this happens it creates more work and headaches for the police. It is also due partly to television and news media. The general public sees how the media portrays them and the public assumes that is how a security guard is. If you act professionally and do your job then that is all you can do. If someone looks down on you, that is their problem and there is nothing you can do about that. Some police officers also look down on security guards, I think some cops feel because of all the training they went through that they are better than others. My guys DO NOT get away with that at all. I work in an inner city environment and rely on security guards every day. Keep in mind that you are usually at the scene of a crime before we are and sometimes see it occur first hand. We need you to keep yourself safe, and others if possible and to observe and gather information for us when we get there. Security guards face more danger than the general public realizes. A criminal does not say to himself " Oh, he is just a security guard, I won't shoot at him". All they see is a uniform and a badge. Security guards do deserve a lot more respect then they get.

Too many guards have power trip issues.

You have 1 job: observe and report.

If you do that, no problem.

If you try to exert authority when you have none, plan on getting laughed at.

Because security guards are just rent a cops, and they just kinda 'get' the job as opposed to having to take a test and go through training like police officers.

I have no problem with security officers, but I think the image is that they are kind of like "fake" cops, that they can't really do anything, and sometimes they bust people's chops just for the hell of it (although that part would be like the real cops, I guess).
I can give you an example: when my son got his learner's permit, I took him to a large parking lot at an office building nearby so he could practice. It was a Sunday, so the lot was empty. Some security guy who could barely speak English was telling me we couldn't drive around the parking lot. My son wanted to just leave, and I didn't want him to be embarrassed, but I pointed out to the man that we weren't doing anything wrong.
I felt like he was bored and gave us a hard time just to have something to do.

Johnboy 109
Perform your job to the best of your abilities.Fixating on gaining respect is a downer.No one respects police or prison guards either. Since the only power you have is making a citizens arrest, same as any other legit citizen, focus on your ability to observe and report. If nothing happens on your shift- that's a good thing.

I respect them.

As to why some don't, I think that they are seen as "hobby cops."
In other words, someone who would love to be a real cop but can't qualify - physically, mentally, emotionally - so this is as close as they can get. And as another responder said, for a lot of them it's a power trip.

thelastninja can defeat security officer

Ronald Walter Klimmek
I've worked as a Security Officer here in L.A. and the people here are very disrespectful. I got to hate the Public and still do. I'm gratefully retired now and avoid the Public. It was a very hard job.

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