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Why when you get pulled over do all the passengers have to show and ID?
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Why when you get pulled over do all the passengers have to show and ID?

I was riding with my friend and her brother and his friend and he got pulled over for having a headlight out and he asked for all of our IDs..why did the passengers need to show an ID?


Most of the time it is to check for warrants or (for underage kids) to make sure you are not a runaway/missing. It's standard procedure for most departments.

checking for outstanding warrents

Lori B
Just to make sure everyone had one and to verify ages, he may have also checked everyone for warrants.

The officer is checking to make sure nobody in the vehicle has wants/warrants. The officer is also checking to make sure that no parties in the vehicle have outstanding orders of protection that need to be served.

When an officer runs your ID through the state's Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, it checks for Wants/Warrants, Missing Persons, Outstanding Orders of Protection that need to be served...in California it brings up a list of EVERY gun you've ever owned, it also checks to make sure your license is valid. You're also run through NCIC and this checks for wants/warrants on a national level. If you're underage, they are running you to make sure you aren't missing or a runaway.

The officer wants to know exactly who he's dealing with. You could be a criminal with 2 felony warrants-and the officer needs to know the info. It's for their safety. Hope that helps!

One Sexy Jeep Girl
warrant check

Simply put, if I am a police officer I want to know who I am dealing with. What if someone in that car was a wanted fugitive or a wanted rapist wouldn't you want the police to make sure they are not wanted.

Also effective shortly after September 11th, laws were enacted that allowed police to detain you until a positive identification can be made on you, so they could hold you until you can provide your ID, or your fingerprints clear a database.

I am not exactly sure. I don't see why they had to cause only the driver is supposed to show there ID. Maybe it depends on where you live. Cause In Oregon only the driver shows their ID. I was in a car with my mom and little sisters and only my mom had to show ID. Or wait maybe you all had to show ID cause all of you are old enough to drive or something.

they dont have to cops just like to get every ones incase of one with a warrant but if you say i dont have one with me theres nothing they can do except tell you to start but they still cant make you

Never know who might be in the vehicle.

Well if they oulled you over for a traffic violation that makes them a witness to the crime. Wouldn't that give them their reason?

I have to disagree with most of the answers that have be given. Generally speaking, since the most common reason any vehicle stop is traffic related, the answer is NO ... the officer must have grounds to ask for ID. Most DMV traffic laws give an officer the right to demand that a driver produce a valid driver's licence if a traffic offence was committed. The office can demand other acceptable ID if you do not immediately produce one. (In the latter case you will probably get a ticket for not producing your licence if you simply don't have it with you). If you do not produce your licence or other suitable ID the officer *may* have the right to arrest you until he/she is satisfied of your identity. Generally the officer does not have the right to ask anyone else in the car for ID. Now, for those who are ready to blast me into oblivion, there are many exceptions. Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, ID can be demanded in regards to suspicion of drug, liquor, or weapon possession or for any other reason where the officer can justify the need to identify everyone in the car. From what I can see from the earlier answers it may be that some juridictions give the officer the right to check for outstanding warrants. If that is so I'm not aware of them. I suspect that checking for warrants, etc. is quite possibly something that is just done and not backed up by legislation. Nothing ever prevents an officer from *asking* for anything. If he asks and you give it to him, everything is fine. If you politely (I do mean politely!!!!) ask the officer if you are legally required to provide your ID, he/she will be very pis*ed-off, but will have to give you a true answer. I don't suggest you do this, however, because the officer will get even more suspicious and find a real reason. Unless you've got something to hide there really is no reason for you to refuse. Doing that for a matter of principle will probably lead to problems and make you wish you had kept your mouth shut and done what you were asked. You may win the battle, but will likely lose the war.

Legally Brunette
The reason is so they can check for warrants but they don't have a right to demand it of you.

Faith .
Only if the police asks for it.

To see if any of you are illegal or wanted. On your wanted poster will be your DMV picture probably.

It depends on why you were pulled over. If it was for something like running a red light than no, the cop shouldn't ask for everyone's ID's. If however you were pulled over in a high drug area for suspicion of dealing drugs then yes, I think the cop could ask for evryone's ID's.

they dont in canada

If your a passenger in a car and your not braking the law. The cop does not need to know who you are. You don't have to ID your self. It's violates your 4th and 5th amendment rights

Lol, some of these responses would have you believe the cops want to help you. This is laughable.

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