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Will i go to prison?
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Will i go to prison?

I live in birmingham and have been arrested before for shoplifting and assault. This happened three years ago and i recieved a warning and then a reprimand. I went out clubbing with a mate and got into another fight the girls weren't terminally injured they just had cuts, bruises and scratches. All soliciors are saying this is very serious. I am a hghly educated young girl with good job and good appearance. I am truly sorry and have expressed this to judge. I 'm scared about what is going to happen because i do not want to lose my job. How long would i get? Also my co-defendant has claimed to be mentally ill whichi she is abit can they send down one without the other?
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Can i just add my frst incident did happen three years prior too this second one, i was sorry for the first one and itisn't like it was all one way these girls weren't hiding in a corner petrified you know!


Non-Compassionate Liberal
If only you lived in America, you'd just get a slap on the wrist and you could continue your lawless, murderous way.

You reap what you sow

You probably get community service...
My boyf got charged with assault last year,he was truly sorry.
He had previous warnings of drunk and disorderly.He was looking at a custodial sentence,but because of his job and he runs a kids footy team. etc ,the judge gave him c.s
Good luck ,I hope you learn from this x

For committing a crime, getting to prison is the only choice even when the culprit has a good job and appearance. Thus, it is better to behave and obey laws to have an orderly life.

Mr Jack Hackett
i can bet ,my last pound you will NOT got to prison, they simply isnt enough room!

hey, if ur highly educated y did u make silly mistakes gal! well i say, if she only had scratches n bruises, it should only b like assault or abuse. i dont think it is that serious that you ned to go in jail! but yea ask ur lawyers and professional help coz ppl over the net like me arent pro's. just remember not to do any of this again!

best thing to do is plead guilty and ask for community service and fine on the basis that if you go tojail you will lose your job and house and on release you will have no option but to go in to a life of crime

If you mean Birmingham UK then it is unlikely that you will go to prison for assault. Previous history unrelated that you have been found guilty of is of no relevance to this case.

You will probably get a suspended sentence, fine and community work as punishment.

Keep your nose clean from now on though, with a suspended sentence under your belt getting into trouble again and landing up in court will instantly mean you go to prison for at least the suspended length of time which would probably be 6-12 months for something like this.

You may still lose your job, if you were asked the question 'do you have a criminal record' when you were interviewed for the job and you said no and if you do after this event, your company is within its rights to terminate your employment now your situation has changed, companies claim it brings disrepute into the organisation. Many jobs ask this so it may be difficult to find work on from this. Having a good education and job does not mean anything in situations like this - you break the law you pay the price. Its simple. Just try to be a bit more like the average person and steer clear of trouble, walk away from fights or arguments - be a bigger person - do not rise to a situation where it makes you a lower form of life. Think about the consequences before making the action.

I'm sure things will turn out ok if you plead guilty and show remorse and offer to do community work.

Annie M
A spell inside will do you good, its the trash like you that is making this country crap. Highly educated I think not, check your spelling.

Yes, you're going down for a long stretch. I'm sure the mentally ill one will visit though.

Violence is a serious crime, in London you'd get a fine, but from the West Midlands, they love sending people down. Get you solicitor to do a social enquiry report, (bleeding heart letter) fill if full of "Poor Me " stories and if you really think there is a change of prison, offer to do Community service, this should be offered by you, before sentencing. Explain without lecturing that losing your job would be the worst punishment. Remember the judge is a person, appeal directly to him, and act well. Good Luck, if you do get sent down, don't go in with attitude.

Tiacola Version 9.0
What's your problem? They let you go the first time with just a slap on the wrist and then you decide to lay your hands on someone again. I hope you get some kind of time because that seems to be the only way you'll learn your lesson.

Sally J
Well, only the judge can answer that one for you - but your solicitors should be able to advise. It is all very well for them to say "this is serious" but they should be talking to you more than that.

It sounds like you have had a tough time with your grand-dad this year and also with other family problems. This obviously DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. Violence is no answer - except in self-defence.

If you have a good solicitor, he should be able to highlight some of your recent problems to the court along with your genuine regret of the situation. Perhaps in the meantime you could enrol in some anger management class of some sort.

If the girls ONLY had scratches and bruises, then maybe you would get away with common assault - if more serious, assault actual bodily harm. The other thing you must remember is that even if they only had scratches and bruises, how do you think they felt about being attacked - mental injury can be as serious, if not more, than physical injury. Also, the situation that you were in may mean you could be getting charged with public order offences also?

So, as a highly educated young person, you should KNOW that this sort of behaviour is not right and look at ways of ensuring that it NEVER happens again. Also, being highly educated does not mean that you are better than anyone else - so you should also remember that!

Darren P
YOU NEED TO SORT YOUR LIFE OUT prison sounds like a good place for you after what you done but i feel that you have too much to loose if you go inside and on the basis of that i doubt you will and i belive the judge will think the same as me. The out come will be a fine, community service and a anger management course. but dont worry babe this will all help you to think before you raise your fist again.
good luck babe

They don't like puting people in prison these days, an anger management course and a suspended sentence is the most likely outcome.

However it is time for you to grow up.

if the charge is common assault you will get probation but if it is abh or gbh you will probly get some time maybye 9 month but im a bloke so it is always more serious in court for men also if youre loony mate is you re co defendent you will both get the same also if its only in magistrate court you might get off with a fine but if its crown court thats the court that will send you down express your willingness to pay compensation and do community service and anything like anger management courses then you might have a chance
good luck hope it goes ok for youxxxx

angel louie
I think a spell in the nick would probably do you some good. It is is unacceptable to go around hurting people no matter what the provocation.

You say this wasn't a one way street yet you must have been the ones at fault for the police to charge you and your friend and not the other girls.

Violence is never the answer and maybe its time for you to learn your lesson before you start on the wrong person, someone who beats seven shades out of you or has a knife, or you go too far and do irrepairable damage to someone else.

Take your time on the chin, look at it as a chance to turn your life around.
If you do get a suspended sentence or community service think yourself lucky and remember the way this feels, to have all this hanging over you the next time you are about to use your fists to settle a row.

I wish you good luck in your life, everyone makes mistakes but it is learning from them that makes you a better person xx

The sentence will not necessarily be a Custodial Sentence although, it does depend on the seriousness of the crime and under which section of the law you have been charged under.
The fact that you have previous for assault will not look good in court,also you do not say if you are pleading guilty or not, this will also be taken into consideration,and of course your reasons for the latest assault.
Without seeming patronising, you seem an intelligent person and truly am sorry for what you have done.
If and when you go to court you should write a letter which your solicitor can read to the court explaining that you are sorry for the person you assaulted and make the letter genuine.
There are a number of sentences that you can be given from fines/asbos/community service and Probation as well as custodial ones, so don't assume you will automatically go to prison.
You can be tried in a court of law with,or without co-accused being there.
All the very best,and keep your chin up.

It depends on how much you really are sorry. If the judge thinks that you will say anything to stay out of prison rather than mean it then you probably will go to prison.

First you need to ask yourself if you are truly sorry if you are and were the first time as well then you would not have found yourself in that situation again.

The judge will want to know why you have repeated an act of violence if you were truly sorry the first time.

Do not try and justify by saying your victims were not terminally injured just cuts and bruises that is saying my crime was not so bad because ( this is an excuse). If you were truly sorry then the act is the point you should be sorry about not the scale of it.

If you try and justify then yes you will go to prison. If you are truly sorry and make the judge believe it you may not.

get a lawyer and some counselling it sounds like you need both.

As far as your friend is concerned you will be tried together but judged differently ( if she is really mentally deficient then she could very well be sent for further tests or evaluation before sentancing you could be punished harder as the responsible adult )

you may be highly educated but your not very intelligent are you ....... if you cant do the time then dont do the crime

So you assulted someone, got arrested but just got a warning, then you decided to do it again?

You claim to be hightly educated but from what you said I doubt it. You deserve to be punished.

If they got injured and they can pruff it even if it's some small cuts and bruises they can sue u but u won't go to jail, u will only have to pay a fine.

Get busy now! Do an anger management course, get involved in charity work, get religion (they like christian ones best). Get yourself involved in a community project of some sort that means if you were to get banged up the community would suffer. Say you have ditched your friend, if you got out drinking with someone who is mentally ill you will sooner of later get into bother.

Smile sweetly at the Judge and explain that you have turned your life around. Dress up like a business woman.

The powers that be see so many dead-heads file past that they must reward anyone making an effort to be good.

Who knows, do all this and you may even come out of it a better person.

PS. Don't get angry at the Judge or prosecution, he/she may try and test your resolve to be calm and peaceful for the rest of your life.

Highly educated, FIGHTER, good job, SHOPLIFTER....PISS ARTIST TOO.....
My word, haven't you done well. Did WE pay for that education I wonder, and now you're scared of going to prison?

Ismat A
Hey there sweets am sure you wont be prisoned , your educated person and the judje will look at that alot , maybe he may give you a fine with a warn not more than that, be cool but try not go into another fights , and am sure everything will go orite :D

you probably wont you will most likely get comm service but dont ever not pay your poll tax or you will go down straight away , just for the record i think you should spend some time inside

Sarah (28/UK)
Judging by the state of this country, you won't go to prison and even if you did it would be for a few weeks only. You are most likely to be fined as these other girls will be after compensation.

Don't do it again!

yes they can send one down without the other. if your freind is found to be mentally ill then she will be put in to a psychiatric ward for a couple of years. you probably will be put in prison but not for long. if you were truly sorry then you wouldnt have done it in the first place. you deserve to be in prison and to be punished for your actions as you only feel guilty because you have been caught. you probably will lose your job as no employer wants a violent employee.

The Dictator
Yes.And you will be butt-raped by some very christian Americans,to boot!

I can't say whether or not you will go but they may take into account that you would lose your job if you do, so its worth trying to 'bargain'. I know someone that went to prison for assault but not until his third or fourth offence, he got 30 days. Not too long! You shouldn't expect to get off just because you are well educated and presented though. Good luck.

How awful some of these comments are ,The lady is asking for advise not a telling off. Hun you get off I'm sure ,It cost 40,000 to put someone in prison ,you get community services or probation for 6 months i would have thought.

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