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Will you get locked up for theft under 50 dollars? What happens if your record is clean?
Find answers to your legal question.

Will you get locked up for theft under 50 dollars? What happens if your record is clean?

Ok i got a ticket for theft under 50 dollars and im shitting bricks. i wanna know what happens when i go to court. will i go to jail. even if my record is clean never been in trouble and i just made this one mistake???


Bill G
You will still have a record of conviction for theft, but you will only get a fine. I am not sure where you are, but a small amount like that is most likely just a minor misdemeanor.
I know that theft of less than $50 (or $20 if theft is by hot check) is a Class-C Misdemeanor in Texas. A Class-C Misdemeanor penalty is a fine only, up to $500.00.

Slap on the wrist. You'll get a fine.. Maybe probation if the judge didn't eat his wheaties

Katie J
seeing that you have never gotten in trouble you will probably just get a fine....and then you will be sent on your way:D lol

mr dance moves
you wont go to jai, your record is clean so yo probably arent on probation or something like that. probably a fine of some court cost plus the 50 bucks. easy as that.

Luie's Girl
Depends on the state your in, your judge and D.A. I would say probably not on the first time. They will probably give you an option to get into a diversion program. My advice would be to stop shoplifting now. If you keep doing it you will get caught again and will have a horrible time finding a good job with more than one theft conviction on your record.

You'll have to pay a fine if your under the age of 18, but your parents have to be present with you in the court room. If your over 18, pay fine and court costs and possibly be on your record if your not careful, if they state an SES - then its on your record FOREVER, if its a SIS - then it will be taken off your record within a certain amount of time at the judges discretion(unsupervised probation) as long as you don't get into anymore trouble within that time span. I know it a misdeameanor charge, but be careful, please seek an public defender or an attorney since your record is clean.

DON'T DO THIS AGAIN!!! It could hurt you in the long run - employment purposes.

Highly doubtful. The only way you would probably go to jail is if you missed your court date and the judge issued a warrant for your arrest.

i dont know where you live but it sounds pretty strict i live in canada and most people just get a warning or just community service and fine but hardly ever court for under 50 bucks that is if your a kid . however if you do not co-operate you will go to court and you will have a chance of going to jail but it is very unlikely. just co-operate and if they tell you to pay or do community service just agree and do it and you will be fine if your a kid, and if your an adult youl probably still be fine but you will probably have a worse punishment but No jail. i hate they way the system works i stole 40 buck of stuff and got charged 190 and 15 hours of community service

I doubt anything will happen, you will probably have to pay a fine and get a warning.

depends how old you are. If you're a minor you will probably just get fined.

No. you won't go to jail. Why don't you just pay the $50 dollars back to the person so that they will drop the charges? Or was it shoplifting?

daughter fined in texas for PI and theft under $50 and public intoxiction. we paid fine but want to know if she will have a record. She and friends got out of a cab and in the confussion forgot to pay 15 cab fare. Cab driver did not request payment he asked police that was right there to intervene. They said it was a mix uo and would pay police said no and took them in. They were fined and finger printed. will she have a permanent record?

I live in Vacaville ca will I go to jail if in shoplifted but they added it up an it was 23.95 i have a clean record I'm jus freakin out an I jus turn 18 please someone answer this

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