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Would i be allowed to watch a trial at court?
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Would i be allowed to watch a trial at court?

im a criminology student and never been in a court room, am curious to see exactly what goes on.
Does any one know if i would be allowed in to obseve even if i am not connected to the case


There is a public gallery in every courtroom which you are entitled to sit in and watch proceedings. The exception to this is Youth Justice cases, if the defendant is a young offender the public gallery will be cleared.

Many Courts also have open days where members of the public can tour the Court and find out about its workings - that way you may get to see other parts, such as the cells.

I would recommend reading up as much as you can on Court process before you go, so that you understand who is who and what's happening. It would also be worthwhile to try and go to both a Magistrates' Court and a Crown Court so you can see the differences.

all trials are open to the public, except for some special circustances.
hence the term public trial

Yes all court hearings except family proceedings are open to the public. Talk to the court usher or just go and sit in the area reserved for the public. you can walk in or out at anytime but not during a judgment.

Yahzmin (US)
Yes, you can. Certain cases are considered "open" and others are "closed" though, so you might want to check beforehand.

yes anyone can watch a court case as the law says that Justis has to be seen to be done.you can just go in and sit down.

Unless the judge specifically bans people not related to the case, you may sit in, but you must remain for the course of the day's action.

You can't decide to split after 20 minutes, but are free to go when they take a break

yes, most court rooms have a public gallery, you will be allowed in to most cases, unless it is a case of indecent assault involving a minor. Minor cases are usually held in a closed court.

Yes there is a public gallery in most courhouses. If its a big case though you need to get permission and probably book a seat!

I did when my ex was up for ABH

yeah you can, but check with the courts to be certain beforehand, but they do have a public gallery

Unless it's a "closed" courtroom then you are entitled to go in and listen to the cases

i dont know your location....different countries have different laws....if you are in the UK you can arrive at any crown court and sit in the public gallery and watch the whole show .....UNLESS the case involves persons who are protected from reporting....eg children....however 99% of cases are open to public viewing

On Time
Yes you can. Unless a judge has closed the trial to the public, which they can do for different reasons, or if it is a juvi case, then it is public. The best thing to do is go to the local court house to one of the judges chambers and tell the secretary that you would like to sit and watch a trial, and they will be happy to tell you when would be a good time or good trial and what court room it takes place in. You can always just show up and sit and watch whatever is going on, but a lot of times their aren't any trials going on. Usually just a bunch of hearings, or conferences. You need to find out when the civil and criminal TRIALS are taking place.

Public gallery? Anyone is allowed into court. No mobile phones, camera's tho. Good luck in your career.

Yes you will be allowed in the courtroom, provided it is not a closed court" you will have to sit in the public gallery, and most courts welcome law students.

Nobody M
Absolutely you can. Some limits though: can't walk in and out while the jury is being charged; can't sit in on the jury deliberations; and can't cause a disturbance to the case.

Also, if you can't hear, that's too bad. You can't ask people to speak louder or show you exhibits or displays.

Most courts have a public gallery. This is a vital part of the system as it allows justice to be seen to be done.

I went to court, just show up a little way before the case and ask for permission to be entered.

Generally, yes. Ask the Clerk of the Court for permission though.

if u know wat court its in and when it begins u can watch.

it really depends on what the person is getting tried for

David D
Only if the public are allowed into the courtroom, which is the "norm".

go to www.ticketmaster.com :P ahhh juss playin :D

Any case except Juv cases. unless the court room is cleared for a reason.

Just walk in, sit down and be bored.

You can go in a court room

3D Farms
Yes , if it's a public trial

Matt M
Yes you probably will be but I think you need to arrive at the court early that day, tell the court clerk and then find out what cases are on the docket and what judges will allow it. The area behind where the lawyers and plaintiffs/defendants sit is called the gallery. I thought that they give preferential treatment in gallery to family members connected to the case, witnesses, reporters etc. but there is usually room left over for others.

You could also try watching court tv when they televise actual court proceedings.

If you are not a witness in a case, you are perfectly entitled to observe. Witnesses must wait to be called before entering the actual hearing.

Get arrested and you'll not only be allowed you'll get front row seats. lol

Can an under 18 year old sit in a case?

rachel smith
Why is some courts closed to the public.

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