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Would you call the cops if someone egged your car?
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Would you call the cops if someone egged your car?

I found 2 eggs someone threw on my windshield. Should I call the cops? Is it worth it? Would they do anything?


legal citizen
I suppose it depends on the laws where you live. I live in San Diego and it happened to me and the cops said they could not do anything about it.

yes.as long as you can prove it or have witnesses.egging a car is vandalism and punishable by law.

If you have no idea who did this, it probably will not do much good to call the police. However, if you do not report this incident it is likely to happen again. Reporting things like this let the police know there may be a problem in an area so they can be on the lookout for possible vandals. If the police do not know of a problem, they cannot be expected to stop it.

Unless you caught those that did the dirty deed, I would think you time would be best spent getting that egg off your car before it hardens.

You were lucky they were on your windshield and not your paint.

What do you think the police will do?
Our service policy is that if there are no suspects, an officer will call you to get your details for the report but no officers will come out. Talk to your neighbours to see if they saw anything, if you have suspects then call the police, it is a mischief.

If there is no damage, then there is probably no crime to report. If there is a small amount of damage, then it would probably be a misdemeanor crime, so if no one witnessed it, there is nothing the police can do, so you would only want to spend the time for a police report if your insurance required it. I would say it's not worth your own time, unfortunately.

Just get a hose and wash it off i mean you going to call the cops if a bird sh$ts on your car just wash it off.

If i knew who did it and i knew it was just a prank then probably not but if I knew who did it and it was out of vengence then yes i would. Hurry and get that crap off though, it will eat your paint.

No, it would be a waste of time, and besides, they wouldn't do anything anyway.

I would wash the car. By the time you get past (big IF here) the dispatcher and then fill out a statement, the car could have been washed. Just be glad it wasn't 9MM rounds.

That will depend on the size of your local agency. They will take a report over the phone. Basically it is to document it in case there are further problems down the road by someone. If you have a suspect or think you have a suspect..then they will usually come down and take a report in person and then go and talk to the other party.

No, but then I'm ex-special forces and I usually take care of my own problems. I have a couple suggestions but I'll let you use your own imagination.

Of course they would, they'd get a good chuckle out of it.

Sorry to hear that. I guess you could. It is considered vandalism. It might be two eggs now but maybe much more or worse later. They could have a file and keep track on what's happening.

I would. At least they could take a report and keep an eye out for the buggers that did it. Probably kids.

My family had our car egged twice and the first time we reported it because we had to get our car repainted because we could not get it off. we reported it the second time so that just because of the damage the first time they never found who did it but the stepped up patrol in my area and it never happened. Now i would not report it if there was no damage just take it as a stupid kids prank but if it happens again or there is damage i would report it because you never know what the kids will do next

the windshield can be washed and the egg does not cause permanent damage. NO.

i don't even know what kind of charge would come up because it really doesn't damage property if taken care of. If anything it would be harassment but you would have to know who did it and even herder prove that they did it. Keep an eye out and take justice into your own hands if ya know what i mean

They will most likely tell you there is nothing they can do.
Even if you saw the vehicle and got the tag number and had their prints on the eggs.
This is a waste of time for them. There's too many victimless crimes (i.e. traffic tickets to write, drug users to catch) for them to worry about some petty vandalism or property damage that actually injured someone.

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