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Wrong race on a traffic ticket?
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Wrong race on a traffic ticket?

i got a ticket in the city of pasadena, tx for speeding. i was in a hurry so i didn't read the ticket until i got home. the officer had put my race down as white... but i'm asian. and look nothing white. any chances that i can fight this ticket??


There is no legal principle requiring a ticket to be dismissed because of an error. A ticket is simply a charging instrument, and the information can be amended at any time.


its just a tiny mistake

pay up

Making you white instead of Asian does not change the speeding infraction.

Texas Star
In Texas, you're white or black.

Asian is a nationality, not a race.

Whine Whine Whine.......

Actually, the Officer is correct. Our choices are white, black, and hispanic. If you are asian, you are put down as "white". Go ahead and fight it, you will look like an idiot in court.

I Doubt It.
Cant Fight a Little Mistate

I agree pay your cash to the man

Fred C
You kid, right? Name correct, licence correct, you are properly identified as the driver.
Geez, people ignore the darn laws, and look for piddly little things to get out of their responsibilities. How would you like it if a white guy beat you up adn robbed you, but was allowed to walk out of court unpunished because an officer wrote Mexican in the report?

Another Way to See it
Sure, you can try. Don't think you'll win. The judge will then ask "where you going over the posted limit" and no matter what, he will believe the officer you were, with no consideration of color.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Just for kicks, go in and say it must be a case of mistaken identity as you are most definitely Asian, as they can plainly see. Probably won't make one bit of difference, but maybe it will get a giggle out of the judge and he/she'll go easy on you. =]

Savoir Faire½ Eggroll Jenkins ™
Well, I know here in Washington DC if there is any tiny mistake on a parking ticket, you can fight it and win....Im not so sure about the speeding ticket you received, but it is worth a try to fight it.

you can fight any ticket, depends what your fighting for. you can fight for discrimnation, i dunno lol

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