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Abortion = murder : Murder of a pregnant woman = double homicide?
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Abortion = murder : Murder of a pregnant woman = double homicide?

Think about this.
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I believe abortion isnt murder but killing a pregnant woman is double homicide. Wierd huh?


Unka Dano
Rich women never die from botched abortions. It's always the poor who suffer.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

I don't care if you don'
i think people who kill pregnant women should be punished doubly. I also thnk that men who cause a miscarriage (and the woman did NOT want to have a miscarriage/abortion) should be punished. my ex stepdad threw my pregnant mom down off a car.. she lost the baby. he didnt even get a slap on the wrist or a good scolding for it.

I would consider it double homicide.

Fighting Racoon
well then would a failed suicide attempt be attempted muder?

The taking of a life is murder.

abortion is murder and there isnt anyway of sugar coating it. Killing a pregnant woman is double murder..sounds right to me. What if the murdered lady had an appointment for an abortion the day after she was murdered? Hmm
To choose one way or another to me seems ludacris and no one other then God has the right to end a life, not even your mother...

We've been conditioned to believe that abortion is not really taking a life. But it is.

Ethical questions are tough. I am pro-life, but never the less I understand your conundrum.

It all depends on which state you live in. Even in very liberal, pro abortion Massachusetts, if you cause the death of a fetus (which is a Latin term for little one) you can be charged and convicted. And that is a good thing.

Joe S
Roe v Wade made abortion legal, a woman's decision. Most states consider murder of a pregnant woman an act that kills 2 individuals, where the woman had no choice in the matter. See the difference now? Abortion is legal, murder is not. Until the law changes one's individual moral values really don't matter.

I like the way you think. In ways, I believe abortion is murder, just because it is a person, it is killing them, etc. The one thing I dislike about abortion the most is the fact that you don't know who your killing. A future president? The next Ghandi? Maybe the person that saves the world.
I think killing a pregnant woman is only a double homocide if the killer is aware of the unborn child, if not, it is a normal murder.
Isn't it scary that murder is normal....

old fuzz
Well, your "equation" is wrong. Abortion might have certain moral questions about it, but it is not an illegal act, therefore, not a murder.

SOME states have passed laws that provide a murder charge for the death of a fetus when a pregnant woman is murdered herself. Not all states have done this.

that doe not make any sense !!! ridiculous...

While, in my opinion, abortion is wrong, we as a people have no right to tell someone what they decide to do with their own body or pregnancy. I think the reason that murdering a pregnant woman is a double homicide is that it was not her or her baby's choice to die and should be rightly so.

I understand your question. You're implying that how is it a double homicide when killing a mother and her fetus whereas a woman can kill her own fetus and not have the same charges.

Biologically speaking, cells are the smallest living unit of life. So, it is alive! However, like I said before, people have no right telling someone else how to live their lives. If abortion were illegal, abortion would still happen none the less and would be much more dangerous.

your statement doesn't logically follow, either killing an unborn baby is murder or it isn't. It cant be murder and not murder that makes no sense.

btw, it is a double homicide and abortion is murder.

The answer is a matter of gestation and the viability of the fetus outside the womb. No one can answer this question without full medical information and facts of the case.


Since this is a LEGAL forum, I answered (as others should) ONLY the legal issues. Stating personal beliefs has nothing to do with the law as it stands.

Valley R
Yeah, that is weird ...because Abortion is murder.

My dog is pregnant and I'm thinking about aborting the unborn mass of cells. They are not puppies anyway until they are born. And it was an accident that she got pregnant to begin with. It's my dog; so it should be my choice, right?

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