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Anyone know what happens if you dont show up to jury duty?
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Anyone know what happens if you dont show up to jury duty?

i'm assuming they will summon you again, but what if you never show up?
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how long would jail time be? are we talking hours or days or weeks?


The judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest...don't mess around with jury duty. It ain't like school, when you can just lay out.

you go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200.

Baby T
i think they jail u

or theyll throw you in jail

Moxie Crimefighter
They will put a warrant out for your arrest.

Emily E
fine, jail, could be big trouble

Bad Kitty!
In the county where I live, if you don't show up for jury duty you can be fined up to $1000, or held in contempt of court and jailed. Basically, the law requires you to serve if you've been called.

Jerry T
Contact them before they contact you, It could save you some jail time!

no they wont sumon you again, if you dont show up and give them somethin like a medicall excuse you could go too jail here, you agreed to it, and you agreed to serve on it unless you got something that went weong medically, there is no excuse here get of your lazy-- and serve or risk going too jail!! its your cal here!!

they will put out a bench warrent on you. it's better to serve on jury duty than time in the slammer

It depends on what court, what judge(s) and many other factors. I have never seen an arrest warrant issued just for not showing up, but I have see orders to appear and show cause (explain why you failed to show up the first time) and anyone who failed to appear and show cause got a bench warrant.

they be-head you

Next notice you get don't open it--write on the outside: "Return to Sender, Moved left no forwarding address" Drop it in the mailbox.

I did that seventeen years ago--haven't heard from them since.



You are arrested, fined and/or placed in jail.

Terisu is gone now
Just show up! There's a good chance you will be excused if you have a good excuse. They might not even need you! Sometimes they give a phone number to call for instructions. Last time I was called to jury duty, I never even had to show up! I kept calling and the recorded messages gave another time to call in, and the last message was that I wasn't needed.

you can be held in contempt of court...some courts will issue a warrant for your arrest

you'll get another notice to appear for jury duty, and if you don't show up to that one, a bench warrant is issued
this is just for San Bernardino county in CA, I don't know about the process anywhere else.

you will likely get a visit from a process server with a warrant for you "to appear" and have a nice talk with a judge, one on one.

Chillin'In Bklyn
They won't do anything. They send you letter after letter with a warning but nothing ever happens. I ignore them and have been for years.

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