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CCTV Cameras, are they legal in the toilets of a factory.?
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CCTV Cameras, are they legal in the toilets of a factory.?

they have been installed at my place of work, and I think its an abuse of human rights, can anyone help.


no they are not legal, i would contact the labor board,

Sarah W
as far as i know, cctv or any kind of surveillance in toilets is illegal!
Consult the CAB (citizens advice bureau) for advice

Dont let any employer take the piss out of you

If you are in a Trade Union, go see your Union representative or shop steward. It may seem an abuse of your human rights but it largely depends on where exactly the spy cams are located. You may have people at work who are doing drugs. Or it could be the boss checking up on just how long the workers spend in the toilets.

If you are not in a union, join one as soon as you can. Protect your rights and get the power of the Unions behind you.

NO WAY is that legal. Complain to every agency you know and or file a police report if necessary! Push it all the way just be prepared to lose you job, unfair i know but it is the bitter truth.

im not sure if they are legal in the actual washroom area..mayb theyre checking to see if u wash yr hands

No, I don't think it is legal to have cameras in toilets.
It's an invasion of privacy. Report it to the proper
people (outside the factory).

they can be put in the toilet as long as they can `t film in the toilet it self ,
they are there to protect property and to save your jobs by letting people know they can`t smash the place up which costs some work place`s over £5000 a year

installing c.c.t.v. in toilets is an invasion of privacy .

No. Call the police, the managers at your factory are perverts. I also suggest you join a union and get them on side.

no way are you serious? this is totally unacceptable.

robert r
you didnt say where you are check with your local procecuting attys office for details on that q. most likely its illegal, but check any way before you do anything

Dry Dreamer
I don't know but it does not sound right

Christopher Griffin
It depends. They can have the cameras if the factory makes things using gold, silver or other precious metals. They can also use cameras in factories which manufacture microchips and other high value or high tech items. It's known that in pharmaceutical factories they use cameras because of the fact there are controlled substances accessible. It's a method of preventing theft.

You may want to inquire about this with human resources. They are obligated to reply if you believe there is unfair labor practices in effect.

Is this happening in both M and F restrooms?

3 para
no illegal..

No - that's gross!

I wouldn't think they are legal at all in the toilets for whatever reason. If the law says they are then something certainly need to be done about that. It is sheer perversion and a complete abuse of human rights. Would the powers that be like to monitored while they have a s...!!

NO, not at all. Get you a lawyer as soon as you can. That is a total invasion of privacy...not to mention voyeurism.

Unfortunately so long as the camera's are positioned to only film area's above waist height then they are legal.

The reason for this is quite simple, the camera's are placed on the property of the company and as such they can do what they want with their property. If the camera's are filming below the waist then they are illegal, but if they are not then i think they are legal unfortunately.

Your best bet is to check with your union rep.

No, not legal.

Mary J
I believe they can install the cameras outside of the bathroom door, but not inside. That way they can see what an employee enters the room with, and doesn't appear to come back out with it. However, if the camera can film you while actually "using" the restroom, that is illegal and a major invasion of privacy. Contact your union if you have one, if not then contact the local police. They can tell you who to call if they can't help you. Good Luck!

Mr Chops
Don't worry,,you've been framed will send you your £250

only if they're filmin a cutie like u sweetie

They cannot put cameras in the toilets!
They MUST by law display a warning notice stating that an area is under surveillance, they CANNOT use video footage to discipline anyone, except for theft and vandalism.
Do you NOT have a union?

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